Hello, friends! This has been a season of silver linings amidst these dark storm clouds. I’m doing my best, not always successfully, but sincerely trying, to look at the good bits. The other day I was thinking about the “new life” and one of the most striking differences for me is my routine. I am accustomed to traveling a lot. A lot a lot. Personal, family, work, trade shows, art workshops, you name it, I’m an airport warrior and it takes its toll. As an artist, one of the single biggest rewards in having that part of my life taken away is TIME and MOMENTUM. Time to create and momentum to build on it. What a gift!

And I love and cherish that gift and not sure I could go back to how it was before. The planning, the worrying, the fretting pre-trip, the trip itself, then the travel back and the re-entry…oh, I’m tired just remembering. And of course I miss many things that travel brought: family, friends, business successes and connection outside my little studio. But this momentum? It’s really really good.

One of these gifts has been a new collaboration with iconic retailer and long time friend, Ted Watson, of Watson Kennedy Fine Home. in Seattle, WA. We’ve been friends for over 20 years so this collaboration is extra sweet and special for me. We’ve  co-created a collection of paintings for his shop, “The Classics”  based on a list he started of timeless images and classic items. This has been a total joy to work on. The memories, the researching the items, the laughter…this is how art and collaboration should feel. And they’re selling! Which also feels great.

This is the second shipment, available online and in his shop today. It’s an ongoing series so there will be more. Suggestions welcome. We have a fabulous fun crazy list and I write down every single suggestion.

Here’s to the little things that make us smile. The silver linings of all “this”. What will I remember during this time? I’ll remember this. Painting stacks of Lacoste t-shirts and giggling because I love the memory so much and this is what I can do right now. Contribute with art and heart and kindness. Here’s to unexpected silver linings and  The Classics.