Art du Jour Gallery at 213 E. Main St., Medford, will showcase the art of two well known Rogue Valley artists, Richard Woods and Corinne Stubson, through the month of September.  The gallery is located at 213 E. Main inPainting by Richard Woods, on display throughout the month of September 2014 at Art du Jour Gallery, Medford, Oregon   Medford, across from Vogel Park.  Enjoy the work of many local artists that includes landscapes, digital art, abstracts, sculpture, ceramics, and more.
Richard Woods will display several new pieces using the realism that he enjoys as he finds the use of detail fascinating. Woods’ works include the use of many mediums, oils, acrylics, pen and ink, pencil and Conte crayon.  His favorites are pencil and Conte crayon as they give him the most control.  Woods’ states, “My love for and interest in art began in early childhood.  I have been drawing and painting most of my life.”  His subjects have included lions, landscapes, still lifes, scenes from downtown Medford, and more.  Woods says, “…I feel that I have not achieved the perfection that I would like to have, however, it remains an enjoyable hobby.”  Come see his remarkable work in the exhibit, “Art as a Hobby.”
Assemblage/book art by Corrine Stubbs, on display throughout the month of September 2014 at Art du Jour Gallery, Medford, OregonCorinne Stubson’s exhibit of collage and altered books continues in the Salon.  Her increased interest in book arts goes back to 2001, a year when several life-defining moments occurred both for Stubson and for the world.  She started to express artistically what she could not easily put into words.  Stubson states, “My artist eye seeks out the lessons and essence of life;  I find myself creating metaphorical book art, with representation of deep feelings, experiences, and even humor.”  Enjoy seeing the collection of altered books, journals, and book sculpture in the Salon.