Sometimes all you need is a trip to the ocean.


Even if it rains the whole time you are there and the wind shakes your little motel room so that you think it might blow away.


Sometimes all you need is a trip to the ocean.

The ocean can restore so many things.  

Your love of nature,

your connection to the world,

that light that you have to share.



Last weekend I taught two workshops at Sage Place in Bandon By The Sea.

To see work samples from Land, Water and Sky please click here.

And to see work samples from Windows To My World please click here.

Such lovely students I had, a such a beautiful studio to work in.  

Art flowed just like the waves on the shore.


Morning Shore (detail)

12 x 12 inches

Roxanne Evans Stout and Seth Apter

My husband couldn't go with me this time, so I found a little motel with a gorgeous view of the sea and a fireplace.  

Before I went to sleep each night I could watch the waves and the glow of the fire all at the same time.


Tangled Blue

10 x 10 inches

Roxanne Evans Stout and Seth Apter 


Life Saver

 12 x 12 inches

Roxanne Evans Stout and Seth Apter


Preparing for my collaborative show, "The Story Within," at Ilahee Gallery in Ashland, Oregon with Seth Apter has been nothing short of joyful.






Mountain Waters

8 x 8 inches

Roxanne Evans Stout


This is our description of this show…

In every painting there is a story
within, needing to be told and waiting to be discovered. In this group of
paintings, Oregon artist Roxanne Evans Stout and New York artist Seth Apter
collaborate to tell their story. 

From a distance you will see beautiful
abstract paintings…deep and mysterious… but on closer inspection layers,
textures and colors will unfold pulling you closer for examination. Part
encaustic, part acrylic and part plaster, these paintings are a unique blend of
the artists themselves.

Each of these twelve painting has
traveled back and forth across the United States for the last year. One artist
would begin, and the other artist finish until “the story within” was revealed.

The story unique to each artist is
also told side-by-side in an intimate grouping of individual work.



Golden Haze

6 x 6 inches

Roxanne Evans Stout 


Sometimes all you need is a trip to the ocean…