Patricia Bankhead

Beautyinart 4 you

Patricia Bankhead began as a self-taught artist, honing her skills for hours in the library and drawing portraits of classmates for $10 each as a teen. Later in life she took art courses at various universities. Pat got serious after her retirement, spending 4 years majoring in fine arts at Southern Utah University. Now she paints landscapes. She’s still hungry to learn.

Patricia feels she’s been blessed to live in picturesque areas all her life, from the tranquil rolling hills of Napa Valley to the rugged Rocky Mountains, diverse landscapes in Utah, and now my forever home, Southern Oregon. She has a treasure trove of memories from these places to paint and share with you. Her longtime goal was to move to another beautiful countryside and build an art studio where she can spend the rest of her life painting beautiful works of art. Most importantly, she strives to surround herself with like-minded people who inspire her and keep her on her toes. She has found all of this in her forever home, southern Oregon.


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