Today I am very excited to share my newest stencil designs with you! As I carefully sketched and laid out each page I  hoped that they can be wonderful additions to your journal pages and collages. You will see how I used these stencils in the photographs below, and where some of my ideas came from.




My new nature inspired stencils are from my own sketches of things that I love, birds, insects and flowers.

My inspiration for this little bird and my stencil "In The Garden" came from a sweet little stone bird I have outside in my brick patio, and the beautiful flowers of English Phlox.




I demonstrated this drawing and much more in my Nature Journaling online workshop that you can read more about here!




I also love using symbols in my work. My Earth Song Symbols began when I cut them out as stamps, which you can read about here.

Then I drew smaller versions and designed the stencils you see below. I used these images in a book as a tryptich, using shades of black and white and gray.

I enjoy stenciling on different papers and fabrics and I especially like to apply them with pan pastels.




This is how they began…


_DSC0070 2

This stencil "Under The Sun" portrays my favorite bird, the Great White Egret that thrives along our river and marsh lands. These graceful birds never fails to bring a smile to my face.




What do you see out of your windows today… is it almost spring time like it is here? 


_DSC0026 3


Here is my Earth Symbol book all folded up… I've discovered symbols are everywhere, carved on the sides of old churches in France or doorways in England, symbols representing the letters in alphabets from other cultures and especially symbols on walls of caves from times long ago.


_DSC0030 2


And here is another project where I used some of my stencil designs. 




For more about my new stencils… Nature Gatherings or Earth Song Symbols hop on over and visit StencilGirl!

And to order these, to be shipped today go to the Stencil Girl Website here!