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Southern Oregon Artists Resource (SOAR) invites all members of the southern Oregon art community to list with SOAR. Participating helps increase your online visibility, thus promoting you and your work. Due to your hard work and talent, it also gives visitors a glimpse of the breadth and range of our arts community, increasing our collective status. You can list with SOAR for just $35.00/ year. Your listing will appear in any artist directory category suited to you and your work. Your membership also entitles you to submit announcements and events for inclusion in our online calendar and blog.

Benefits of Listing with SOAR

At the Southern Oregon Artists Resource, it’s all about you and your art. We believe in the talent we see in our creative neighbors, and take great pleasure in drawing attention to your artwork. Our members believe in us, and have reported a wide range of positive results through their listings, from increased traffic to their websites and blogs to out-of-the-blue commissions and invitations to exclusive art exhibitions. Here are some of the benefits we’ve set in place to help members who list with SOAR.

Better SEO for Your Website
It can be a challenge to increase your visibility with the search engines and their users. Search engine optimization (SEO) includes a wide range of details that help the search engines help you by placing your website appropriately in a user’s search result page. Changes in search engine algorithms have increased the importance of making sure the links to your site are from quality websites. Linked websites which have related content indicate quality to search engines. When you list with SOAR, links to your website and social media pages are added from a website that is well-known to the search engines as a southern Oregon arts community directory, making it highly relevant and trustworthy. Most noteworthy, our recent redesign has upgraded our infrastructure, made the entire site mobile-friendly, and improved our own search engine optimization. Therefore the quality of the site you will share links with is well assured. This all helps improve your own website’s SEO.
Increased Traffic to Your Website

Do you have a blog? Great! We can do even more to bring visitors to see your artwork. Just select “Yes” under Syndication in the listing form and we will syndicate your site. Consequently your posts will repost on our blog, and links will appear on our Facebook timeline and Twitter stream. As with the permalinks on our blog, the links on our social media pages lead straight to YOUR blog, bypassing SOAR’s copy to give you the benefit!

Pinterest users can benefit from a shared board. Shared boards allow both SOAR administrators and listed members to add pins, and display on your profile and ours.

More Followers on Social Media
Each listing includes links to all your social media and other sites where you are represented online. Thus visitors browsing the directories can connect with you using their favorite networking site with just one click! At the same time, visitors have the option to comment on your posts using the Facebook comments at our blog, or clicking the title of the post to leave a comment on your blog. As a result, increased social signals such as follows, likes, and comments alert search engines to the interest in your website.
Expand Your Sphere of Influence

The methods mentioned above have been shown to increase the flow of visitors to a website. They also extend your sphere of influence beyond your immediate network. Therefore, any amount of effort you put into your blog and listing will put your work before more art lovers. Just as important, the increase in visitors using the links between your SOAR listing and the various segments of your online presence tells the search engines there is interest in your site. This is a heavily weighted factor that can dramatically improve your placement in search results.

Create Your Listing!

Listing with Southern Oregon Artists Resource

To join SOAR, you can subscribe with Paypal, Square, or a check using the payment methods below. When your transaction is complete, PayPal will direct you to a confirmation page on our site. The payment flow will redirect you here when your transaction is complete. With PayPal, “Subscribing” means your listing will automatically renew by charging your selected payment source one year from the date of this transaction. Then complete the form below, attach an image, and send it to us to create your listing. Feel free to contact us if you have questions, we’ll be glad to help you in any way we can.

WE STRONGLY SUGGEST that you enter your copyright notice and contact information in the metadata of your image before sending it to us! It’s good to add a visible copyright with your website address to your art images as well. This helps protect your intellectual property when people use the site to share your listing. If you don’t know how, please include a note in the message field of the form asking us to do that for you. For a nominal charge of $10, billed separately, we will enter your metadata for you.

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We offer PayPal as our primary payment option to make renewing your SOAR membership hassle-frea.

Shortly our online shop will provide the ability to pay through a shopping cart. When your transaction is complete, please return to this page to fill out and submit the listing form below. We have one form for artist listings and another for galleries, artist groups and arts organizations, and art-related businesses.

We will post your listing as soon as possible after receiving your payment and the completed form. You will have the opportunity to review it and check the links before we announce your new membership.

If you prefer not to use Paypal, you can make a check to Hannah West Design LLC and send to:

Southern Oregon Artists Resource
c/o Hannah West Design LLC
PO Box 914
Jacksonville, OR 97530

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