Simone  Graphite on Paper by Sarah F Burns

Graphite on Paper
by Sarah F Burns

Sarah Burns loves drawing, painting and teaching about the figure.  She believes all artists should be life-long students, so has studied the figure passionately and intensely for over 20 years.  This past year she has done advanced work in anatomy, including a few weeks study of cadavers at Stanford Medical School.  Don’t worry though – this class uses only living, breathing models! However, the additional anatomical knowledge Sarah has gained will benefit you immensely!

This class you will hone your skills, learn what to do during long poses, learn to capture the weight, character, proportion, placement, structure, form, anatomy, volume, value, texture and expression of the human figure. Ten weeks is enough time to sink your teeth in and make excellent progress.  Male or female nude models are present during each session. This is appropriate for beginners or intermediate art students. Sarah will start students with gestures and work up to long poses that can prepare you for painting. Advanced students may paint with instructor approval.

Wednesdays, 6:00 – 8:30 pm for 10 weeks, from October 1 – December 10 (skip 11/26) 
Registration is due by Wednesday, September 24
Class size is limited to 8 so book your spot soon!
(Please note: students do not need vine charcoal or white erasers)
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