Hello there and greetings from…you tell me! I’m on a creative mission to expand my Souvenir Series of paintings, cards and postcards. I’ve already got California, San Francisco, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Victoria, Paris, Bermuda, Washington, D. C. , Pacific Northwest and…where should my paint brush travel next? The working list is NYC, Chicago, LA and more but I’m always on the hunt for fun suggestions. Key West? Marfa? New England?

In other Carpe Diem news, Postcards are the latest and greatest in the paper goods world. I’m loving printing new designs that don’t quite fit the greeting card format…they’ve found a home! I’ve always enjoyed buying postcards at museums or galleries so it’s a fun full circle to be printing my own. Greeting Cards are still my first love but nice to expand the line and fun to open new boxes of product. (Today!)

And here are some answers to questions I get asked on IG or email…

  1. Fancy Envelopes are always assorted and include newest designs I have in stock and include mailing stickers so they can be mailed)
  2. Shipping is really free (within the United States.)
  3. I will ship a gift and include a note that it’s from you, just have to put in in the “notes” section of the order.
  4. Shipping lead time is about 2-3 days from time of order. If ever it seems too long, don’t hesitate to email me!
  5. I pack your order and love including extra goodies.

Happy Monday in May! I’ve decided to stop saying, can you believe it’s…May (June, Christmas….already!!) I guess it’s nature’s sense of humor to have January and February last for several years to have the rest of the year go by in minutes.

Mindy xo

“Pacific Northwest’ 20×24″