Yesterday I wrote a very long heartfelt upsetting blog post. It was about the Almeda Fire that happened here on Tuesday. The day it started, how it started, where it was and what I saw.

I have published hundreds, maybe thousands of posts and not once has one not saved or accidentally been deleted. Yesterday it happened. I was so upset (not really, but nerves are high and everyone is on edge) that all my work was wasted but now I know it wasn’t. I wasn’t supposed to post it. It was too much.

I will post again and write about it but for now, this is the update. I am safe. The house is safe. The fire devastated 1500 homes, countless businesses we don’t have a tally on and thousands of people are displaced. It is awful.

And Ashland and surrounding communities are coming together like I’ve never seen up close. This is war time here. There are shelters, food, clothing, gift cards, cash, toiletries and hot meals available from countless organizations. FEMA, Red Cross, neighbors, schools, churches, restaurants and regular folks setting up shop doing every thing they can. People are giving and showing up. It it the only solace during this time.

On top of this, our community is still at risk. The danger is ever present and we are not off evacuation notice. Honestly? It’s terrifying.

One of the businesses we lost is Puck’s Donuts. This is probably one of our most beloved family run businesses. Always a smile, easily best donuts you’ve ever had and a wonderful family running it, always with a smile and thank you and your iconic pink box to go. It’s gone now. I’m posting this painting from several years ago cherishing the good memories of the day I painted it with my fellow art ladies who used to meet once a week.

Waiting, watching, praying for rain. xo