Daily Habit.

One of my daily habits is to practice drawing by using my iPadPro.  

Building on the discussion on my previous article, finding time to draw can be challenging.  There are lots of tasks competing for my attention.  However, years ago, I developed the habit of drawing while watching television.

Daily Drawing: iPad Pro Strawberry FrogsDaily Drawing: Two Strawberry Frogs

TV – v – iPad Pro.

True, TV can be distracting and engrossing.  But, one thing I discovered is that the iPad Pro grabs my attention and keeps it.  Plus, exploring and experimenting with the tools the applications offer is great fun.


Speaking of tools, I use an iPencil and the app “Procreate”.  There are many more apps but, being new to this technology, I find Procreate to be a good drawing program.

Jumping Into Digital Drawing.

As water media artist Myrna Wacknov suggests, I’m “embracing the digital divide”.  That is to say I’m jumping into the world of digital drawing and enjoying it!

daily drawing: strawberry frogDaily Drawing: Strawberry Frog

About the Drawings.

Long time followers may recognize my strawberry poison dart frog model.  You see, I have used it before and often.  The frog is challenging to draw because of perspective.  Plus, its fun!