Class: The Fine Art of Drawing with Sheryl Swift @ Central Art Supply 101 N Central Ave Medford OR 97501
Jan 4 @ 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
First Friday ArtWalk – Grants Pass
Jan 4 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

AGA Spotlight Exhibits
May 2017

Studio A.B.
Bruce Bayard: Video Projections

Bruce Bayard continues his exploration into time-based imagery with video collages created for installations and performances. The video compositing process he uses is similar to that of the Photoshop process used in all his still images, interjecting stressed surfaces and multiple layers of interacting images. The resulting video clips are further combined in a program that randomly selects and runs portions of the clips in constantly changing sequence.

This batch of work contrasts trains, airplanes, forests and calm water surfaces. No soundtrack exists for the videos, but are created improvisationally in the moment using a Buchla Music Easel, and additional modular electronic sound sources.
During the First Friday Artwalk the projections will run continuously, with a combination of pre-recorded and improvisational soundscapes.

Ashland Art Works
Michael Gibson’s Paintings

This month Ashland Art Works features new work by Michael Gibson: Surrealistic “Winescapes” with homage to Dali and Chirico. “I had fun with this series,” says Gibson. “I got into their heads, appreciating the originality of their compositions, use of color and love of life.

Michael’s style is unique and at the same time inspired by works of post-impressionist artists. He received his BFA from Houston Museum of Fine Arts and has worked as a designer, art director, and taught life drawing, illustration, painting, graphic design and photography at Art Institute of Houston and the Art Institute of Seattle.

As always, you will be more than pleased by our selection of Fine Art and Crafts.
AAW is home to these outstanding local artists…
Elin Babcock’s assemblage, jewelry, & paintings
Marydee Bombick’s functional and garden pottery
Suzanne Etienne’s joyful paintings
Michael Gibson’s painting in post impressionists’ style
Cheryl Kempner’s jewelry, garden art & Crazy Clay Birds
Claudia Law’s textile creations
Daniel Loch’s photography
Bonnie Morgan’s decorative and functional pottery
George Popa’s dimensional wire sculptures
Lorene Senesac’s raku sculpture & wall reliefs
Connie Simonsen’s handpainted silk scarves
Angelique Stewarts functional and stylish weavings
John Weston’s fine woodwork & cutting boards

American Trails
Alebrije or Animalistas

In May, American Trails Gallery we will be featuring the woodcarving folk art out of Oaxaca, Mexico. Fanciful carvings called alebrije or were first done by artist Pedro Linares Lopez in Mexico City in the 1930’s. He made elaborate piñata’s, carnival masks and religious figures out of paper mache and cardboard. This caught the attention of prominent gallery owners who began to market the pieces. Diego Rivera and Frida Khalo began commissioning the fanciful alebrijes, which means monsters. Linares returned to Arrazola in Oaxaca and began sharing his designs with fellow artisans. Manuel Jimenez Ramirez was the first to carve the colorful creatures out of copal wood in the 1970’s. The art form exploded in the 1980’s with folk art galleries in the US becoming more and more interested. Today, there are three main villages that the carvers reside; Arrazola, the pueblo of Manuel, San Martin Tilcajete, and La Union Tejalapam. We are proud to have over 80 families represented in our gallery.

American Trails Gallery proudly features the art and crafts of the indigenous peoples of the America’s. Weavings from the Navajo’s and Zapotec’s, carvings from the Hopi, Zuni, Haida, Kwakiutl, Inuit and Oaxaca, ceramics from many of the pueblos in the Southwest, Acoma, San Ildefonso, Zuni, Cochiti and the Mata Ortiz of Mexico, handmade historic and contemporary jewelry from the Pueblos, Zuni, Santo Domingo, Navajos as well as from Taxco. The largest selection of Historic Basketry in the Pacific Northwest including Pomo, Maidu, Hoopa, Karok, Wintun, Shasta, Modoc and many more. We also feature Regional artists depicting the Wildlife and Landscapes of the area. When you purchase a gift from American Trails you are helping to support hundreds of families who are working hard to keep the traditional Arts and Crafts of their communities alive and well.
The American Trails Gallery which for 23 years was located at 250 East Main Street on the Plaza in Ashland is being reopened at a new location 250 East Main street.
Open 10 am to 6 pm everyday excluding holidays

Hanson Howard Gallery
Wataru Sugiyama & Lewis Anderson, ceramic sculptures & digital photography

The influence of the aesthetics and imagery of Asian art will be strong in our May exhibition. Wataru Sugiyama slyly infuses a contemporary charm and, at times, humor into what we recognize as traditional Japanese motifs in his ceramic sculptures.  Lewis Anderson digitally blends photographs of the Pacific Northwest into landscapes that exist in a world of his own invention but have distinctive undercurrents of traditional woodblock landscapes.  Large in scale, at times up to 80” wide, these landscapes have the ability to draw you in and hold you. Show runs May 4th-30th.  Join us for an artist reception on First Friday, May 5th, 5-8 p.m.

Wataru Sugiyama has cultivated an appreciative audience for the Haniwa type imagery in his sculpture. Elements of Japanese history and mythology are almost the exclusive focus of Wataru’s creations.  He interprets imaginary and existing objects and gives them a modern twist by bringing his personal vision to these subjects.  His sculptures are truly inspirational, have a powerful presence, sense of humor, and make a strong impression on his viewers.  Besides historical elements, extremely fine detail and exquisite facial expressions are featured on his sculptures.

Lewis Anderson accurately describes his art as being somewhere between photography and painting, somewhere between East and West, somewhere between contemporary and ancient. The images invite the viewer to explore quiet moments in diverse landscapes full of light and shadow and symbology. An ancient river winds through tall foreign mountains, full of soft golden light and blue fog. A single silhouetted figure in a small boat appears to be slowly rowing into the unknown in one of the three scroll-like panels of Boatman. This timeless image, like the others in Lewis Anderson’s Dynasty collection, emanates a strong sense of peace, solitude and mystery.

First Friday ArtWalk in Ashland, sponsored by the Ashland Gallery Association
Jan 4 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Come out for the AGA First Friday Art Walk, August 1st, from 5 to 8 pm! Stroll the galleries in downtown Ashland and the Historic Railroad District. Enjoy this free community event filled with spectacular artwork, live music, artist demonstrations, refreshments and conversation with other art enthusiasts!

Pick up a Gallery Tour Map at any member gallery, the Ashland Chamber of Commerce, or download from our website at www.ashlandgalleries.com

Most exhibits run throughout the month of August!

Visit our website for more information about all of the exhibits: www.ashlandgalleries.com

This month’s featured exhibits:

Studio A.B.
Ann DiSalvo Figurative Drawings

As a winner of the RV Biennial 2013 Juror’s Choice Award, Ann DiSalvo exhibited 15 classical nudes in pastel at the Grants Pass Museum of Art in March, 2014. These drawings are now on exhibit in Ashland, at Studio A.B.
“Study of the figure has been part of my art education from the beginning, as it is the most challenging subject to learn with. It’s easy to see errors and the rewards are self evident. Living, moving forms reflect light in unique ways for value study. Skin, hair (or fur) and eyes hold colors that surprise. The shapes of humans and animals are ever-changing. They can express and evoke thought.
I have always felt the kinship between humans and animals. Each have a niche in their ecosystem. Sharing resources preserves harmony. Some of my drawings pair a human and an animal, evoking a totemic tradition – another way to link species and imagine wordless communication.
These drawings were made in Wednesday evening figure study sessions at the Ashland Art Center. Each weekly session was a single pose. We worked for three hours and repeated in the following week for a six-hour drawing. Most were finished at my home, Studio A.B. The sessions with artists sharing models, humans drawing humans, taught as much about humans as it did about art. It is a good alternative to solitary studio work. As an artist, my subject matter explorations change between genres, but I will always follow a fascination with figure study.”

Art and Soul Gallery
“Travels in North Wales” paintings by Carla Palmese

Carla’s paintings for the August show are from a trip she and her husband Bob took to North Wales, United Kingdom. They had 2 goals; to cruise the Llangollen Canal, from the English/Welsh border at Chirk, to it’s end at the town of Llangollen. The second goal was to volunteer for 2 weeks for the historic Ffestiniog Railway at Porthmadog. The skies were usually cloudy, the month was October. The views of the canal are mostly seen from the center as her views were taken from the prow of the boat. The other landscapes were taken from their travels on foot and by local bus on their days off (track crew) as they explored the Welsh countryside, which included a climb to the abandoned slate mine at Blaneau.

Gallery Karon
The Female of the Species

Over 20 artists in a show all their own!

Our Third Annual invitational exhibit; all women, all media

Hanson Howard Gallery
Jon Jay Cruson

JON JAY CRUSON”S remarkable career makes his work highly collectable not only nationally but internationally as well. He has works in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London England and in private collections from Italy to Japan. He is represented in many corporate collections within the United States such as the Ford Collection and Chrysler Collection in Michigan.
“Life events– my visual and emotional environments– have guided my work over the last 40 years. I did not always know where I was going, but simply went where the road led me. The metaphor of traveling along a road has been my constant approach to work and life and has led me through many varied environments. I have not jumped on artistic bandwagons, doing what was currently popular. Instead I have followed my own changing interests by studying both the nature of the subject and the ways in which I could best express my understanding of it.
Time and again I find myself ‘where the road leads me’, not knowing exactly what I will discover yet finding the inspiration from what comes over the horizon. The open country, patterns, shapes, and colors, they are all there. Back in the studio, it all comes together with the play of the elements, transferring, assembling, and incorporating into my own landscape.”

For more information please contact:
Kim Olson

Workshop: Morning Glass Art Workshops at LightGarden Glass Art
Jan 5 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Come join our morning workshops on Wednesday and Saturday mornings from 10a – Noon. Use our tools and workshop space. $10 for 2 hours! Call to reserve your space. You can do a Flowers of Hope panel during any of our workshops…or a “Try Fusing” panel to get you started in fusing. You can also schedule bigger projects. Contact us for more information: Please call (541) 779-0272 or email [email protected] to reserve your space.

Art Class: Watercolor Painting with Linda Abblett
Jan 7 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Whether beginning or advanced, you or the aspiring artist you know can learn to paint in watercolor in the comfort of Linda’s home studio in Eagle Point, Oregon. Classes take place from 10am–3pm every Monday, and only cost $30 per session. See Linda’s own work on her website, then contact her today for more information and to sign up!
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 541-879-3030

Life Drawing Class at Art Presence Art Center @ 206 N 5th St Jacksonville OR 97530
Jan 7 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Art Presence offers life drawing class studio sessions every Monday from 1–3pm. Practice makes perfect—Keep those fingers accurate and expressive by regularly drawing professional models from life! Just $10 for each two-hour session. No need to sign up, just bring your pencils and sketchbook and arrive ready to draw! Please contact Anne Brooke at 541-941-7057 for more information.

Class: Watercolor Basics 101 & 102 with Norm Rossignol @ Central Art Supply 101 N Central Ave Medford OR 97501
Jan 8 @ 10:00 am – 12:45 pm

Watercolor classes by Norm Rossignol at ScrappyCraft in Phoenix, Oregon

To register and for more information, please refer to the contact information and web links in ScrappyCraft’s listing at the Southern Oregon Artists Resource: http://www.soartists.com/servicessupplies/artsupplies.html#scrappycraft

Class: Oils & Pastel with Richard McKinley
Jan 9 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

more information: [email protected]
Contact Judy Richardson, 541-773-5168

Workshop: Morning Glass Art Workshops at LightGarden Glass Art
Jan 9 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Come join our morning workshops on Wednesday and Saturday mornings from 10a – Noon. Use our tools and workshop space. $10 for 2 hours! Call to reserve your space. You can do a Flowers of Hope panel during any of our workshops…or a “Try Fusing” panel to get you started in fusing. You can also schedule bigger projects. Contact us for more information: Please call (541) 779-0272 or email [email protected] to reserve your space.

Class: The Fine Art of Drawing with Sheryl Swift @ Central Art Supply 101 N Central Ave Medford OR 97501
Jan 11 @ 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm