I’ve just sent of a new batch of The Classics to Watson Kennedy in Seattle. I posted this funny memory lane image and the response was swift and resounding–apparently anyone who grew up in the 70’s or 80’s all have the same fond memories of this orange gel that was very fancy at the time. You, too, could look like George Hamilton in St. Tropez even if you were splashing around a pool in Toronto, Ontario. My mum used it, the chic tennis playing neighbor used it…the kids…well, we probably snuck it. But the smell! The consistency! The memories! I’m smiling just writing this.

Back to the easel, back to adjusting my list of classics as I go. Each time I paint a new one, another image pops in my head. I love it when creativity flows like this. Suggestions welcome! Any quirky nostalgic classic objects from your childhood? Or current faves? Old, new, seasonal faves or just tried and true things we go back to over and over because, well, they’re classic.

“Bain de Soleil” 10×10″ at Watson Kennedy