My style is changing a little. It’s cool to see when I send a collection of paintings to my customer in Carmel that while style morphing and changing is like watching paint dry (such a softball, could not resist), it does change over time with practice and practice. And did I mention the practice part? Ugh. The never ending Carnegie Hall quote!!!

That’s it. Nothing profound over here. Just witnessing from a far that the last dozen or so pieces I’ve completed have a different….hmm…feeling. That’s it. They feel different. Color? Subject? Not sure and I’m ok not knowing. These are the bright moments, writing late into the night, packing a card order, reviewing images, when this wearer of many creative hats in a small business can sit back (I am not sitting back, I am hunched over like Quasimodo’s sister) and think, ok. Keep going. It’s worth it. The paint does dry. And will need a fresh coat. xo