December comes quietly this year.

Soft rain and snow.

The ground is still not frozen.

Today there is a pause in the wind.

 A sigh.


In the quiet I think about the last year.

So much amazingness.

So much to be grateful for.

Mostly that my book, Storytelling with Collage, was published by North Light Books and I think people are loving it as much as I loved working on it.

My Pathways and Wanderings online workshop was a huge success and I am now working on another one called

Victory Shields and Wisdom Keepers 

I am always pushing myself to learn more about the filming and editing process.

I am always growing. 

I traveled and met some wonderful people

and taught at some incredible venues.


But what I’ve been thinking about is what it comes down to, what really matters and what really stirs your heart… 

are the people you love and the home you have created.

Those who you always come back to. The people who make you smile.

The place where you are yourself.

Where you can recharge and are free to be creative.


So what I wish for you and for myself are…

A warm home and people to love. 

(and perhaps a few dogs or a cat)

A place to create.

Windows to gaze out of.

And a mixture of

some quiet times

and some love-filled moments

to make your heart sing.

This is what really matters.


And may you love all of these moments with all of your heart.