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Writing, Learning, Living in the Blogosphere

Editor’s Note: We hope artists will find value in Geneva’s interview with this mom and blogger who has successfully written her blogs for compensation. Plenty of food for thought here, and not just for mothers!

Geneva Miller for Southern Oregon Artists Resource

Adventures in Babywearing blogger Stephanie Precourt took her blog from an online parent journal to a wage earning site. Since her move to Bandon, Oregon, she’s rebooted her personal adventures in blogging—writing about the move, her children, her life. No product reviews required.

Adventures excerpt, Feb 15
I haven’t counted the stop lights yet but there are only a few, and two fast-food restaurants – Dairy Queen and Subway. We have plenty of coffee shops and cafes, which I also love. And a hardware store with a dog who follows you around . . . . This place doesn’t feel foreign to me . . . . Not like I feel like I’ve been here before or déjà vu but like, the pieces just fit. Like, oh, I get it.

Stephanie and Ivy

Stephanie and Ivy Precourt

When Precourt started blogging, her third child was an infant. (She’s mother to four children.) She was literally wearing her baby in a sling most of the day, so the title “Adventures in Babywearing” seemed like a fun spin on the 1980s movie title “Adventures in Babysitting.” She wrote about mothering. She mused, asked questions. Am I doing this right? Are there other parents out there like me? The answer she found in the mommy blogosphere was, yes. Yes to both questions and a whole lot more.

Precourt writes with a relaxed, conversational style. She shares observations mothers understand—how the day her daughter got her ears pierced was both exceptional and ordinary. She explores challenging topics carefully.

“I’m definitely glass half full,” said Precourt. “Especially now they’re getting older, I’m delicate about what I share about (the children), but I’m honest about me.”

Adventures excerpt, Feb 23
Ivy got her ears pierced . . . . We went out for sushi afterwards and she ate an entire veggie roll, miso soup, and cucumber salad. She also thoughtfully asked me, “Who’s the guy on the penny again?” And not one person we encountered the entire day didn’t find out about her new earrings. The best part was that every single one made a big to-do about it and she just gobbled that up.

As her writing gained momentum, Precourt signed up for blog conferences. She attended events hosted by BlogHer and the Mom 2.0 Summit. She met face-to-face with the friends she’d ordered up online. She taught sessions on writing.

The conferences even led to paid blog spots. Writing product endorsements quickly lost its appeal, however. Blogging started to feel like a grind. One by one, Precourt completed her contracts and did not renew.

“Some day I’m going to look back and wish that sponsored stuff wasn’t there,” she said.

Precourt moved to Bandon in February. Posts since she arrived on the coast reveal a mother and writer fully engaged in her new surroundings.

Adventures excerpt, Feb 19
I’m feeling great . . . . There’s just so much to do, the days are content with full bellies and the roar of the ocean is our soundtrack.”

Precourt says her blog reads more like her original journal style these days.

“I’m right back to where I started, full circle. I’m in the mood for this now,” she said. “Now that we’re moved in, I’m ready to be settled so that I can get into a groove. I always said if this feels like work, I’ll quit. I feel peaceful about it. I can’t ever see myself quitting-quitting.”

In addition to her own blog, Precourt manages online content for Listen to Your Mother, a national series of live local reading by online writers held each Mother’s Day. She also publishes video blogs at


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