Wings: Celebrating the Life and Works of Elaine Witteveen

Rogue Gallery & Art Center Main Gallery exhibit:  Wings: Celebrating the Life and Works of Elaine Witteveen

January 10- February 13, 2015, Reception: Friday, January 16th, 5-8pm


Untitled Acrylic painting by Elaine Witteveen, Jacksonville, Oregon

Untitled acrylic painting by Elaine Witteveen

The Rogue Gallery honors longtime Rogue Valley artist Elaine A. Witteveen in an exhibit of her paintings in acrylic, watercolor, and mixed media. Elaine celebrates the joyous beauty and mystery of life in rich, abstract paintings.


Approximately 40 paintings Elaine Witteveen has produced in the last twenty years will be displayed. A few of the paintings depict the landscape of Jacksonville but the majority of the work is Elaine’s more recent renditions of abstract art. Using acrylic and watercolor paint along with collage, pencil, and pastels, the works are drawn, painted, splattered, scraped, carefully torn, and layered to create interesting textures and depth. Many of the paintings are whimsical and playful with celebratory colors. Other works have strong black lines with rich intense colors that create bold and elegant images. Executive director Kim Hearon states “Elaine is a local icon of the arts. It is a privilege to be able to have an exhibit that recognizes her talent and lifelong career as an artist.”


Elaine was born and raised in Chicago and attended the Art Institute if Chicago. She has been a working artist for over six decades exploring various art media and styles. Her art career began at the Rotary International headquarters illustrating their program materials. She was a founder of the Eugene Art Center, was appointed by Oregon governor Bob Straub to serve on the Oregon Art Commission board, and formed the Jacksonville Artists’ Workshop. Painting realistic work for many years, Elaine then began to explore using collage to create abstract work.  Elaine states “After many years of creating realistic work, I moved to abstract and collage imagery. I look back at my work and I love having been able to create all these images, even if the occasional viewer does ask, ‘What is it supposed to be’?”


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