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MMW 2002 concert poster

One of the first things I framed for myself was this poster from a 2002 Medeski Martin & Wood show in Eugene

The band was out in the lobby after the show signing copies of their recent CD, Uninvisible, and we were near the end of the line when I noticed a guy in a headset holding a stack of posters.

“Hey,” I asked, “what are you doing with those posters?”

“Um, they’re extras, I guess.”

“Can I have one?”

“Sure,” he said and handed one to me and to a few others in line. He seemed glad to have them out of his hands.


Each member of the band was extremely personable and I had them sign a copy of their new disc for me* (I probably should have had them sign the poster as well).

The next day I adhered the poster to the wall with some of that putty that’s supposed to hold up posters and pictures. The putty failed after a few weeks and continued to fail as the summer heat intensified, no matter how much I used.

So I switched to thumbtacks. At this point all corners of this poster were stained from putty or dented from falling off the wall, what’s a few thumbtack holes? At least It’ll stay on the wall.

After years tacked to my wall I decided this poster was too cool to leave in it’s current state, so I framed it. The double matting covers most of the corner damage, will protect the paper from further damage, and compliments the color scheme. Conservation glass was used to prevent fading due to UV light.

Now it’s protected and looks great no matter where it is. 

*and DJ P Love; he played with them the entire show and appeared on a couple tracks.

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