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Top Ten Searches Bringing Visitors to Art Matters! for 2012

Well, as long as everyone is doing Top 10 posts (and according to Tim Mikulski’s recent post, the number 10 and its text version “ten” are heavily used search terms) we’ll do one, too. Many artists struggle with the ins and outs of search engine optimization and how to promote their websites and blogs to the world. Are you one of those who would like to know better how to increase traffic to your blog? This one is about the top ten keywords/phrases people have used to find Art Matters! via search engines. These are only the ones recorded by the WordPress JetPack plugin, which we installed a couple of months ago. We’ll come back and update this post with the list directly from Google later. Congratulations to the artists listed at SOAR for making the top ten!!

  1. escher lizard
  2. cammy davis
  3. stefan baumann paintings
  4. bernard chaet obituary
  6. mc escher
  7. richard gyuro
  8. 3d art class
  9. escher
  10. oil painting lessons

So, it appears that Master MC Escher is still a show-stopper. Art Matters! has two posts about Mr. Escher which on their own brought 110 visitors here through numerous variations of these search terms in the past 9 weeks – find them HERE. Enough variations in the search terms used to find him online appeared in the top ten to skew our results, didn’t they? Could this be telling you that writing something about him, or including his name in a post, could increase hits to your blog, too

Cammy Davis a new resident, having moved from Washington state to Jacksonville earlier this year, and she’s been working very hard to establish herself in the southern Oregon art community. We’re happy to see she’s done so well with her efforts that she’s second only to MC Escher is our top ten list of search terms! If you want some advice, search her informative posts (you’ll find many helpful how-to videos and new works there too!) or contact her directly.

Stefan Baumann lives in the Mt. Shasta area, and teaches oil painting at various locations in southern Oregon (including Central Art Supply every Thursday) and California. You might know his name from his PBS series, “The Grand View: America’s National Parks Through the Eyes of an Artist.” His masterful work does not make him inaccessible to others seeking to hone their painting skills – he believes anyone can learn to paint with oils! He graciously gave us permission to syndicate his personable and informative blog, and his recently updated ( and free!) e-book, edited by his friend Kris Baxter and finalized by SOAR’s founder Hannah West, contains beautiful pictures of his work as well as tutorials and encouraging commentaries on painting collected from his blog and email newsletters.

Brett Baker, author of the blog The Painters’ Table, kindly consented to our syndication of his informative blog a few months ago. While I was at times concerned that his posts so often focused on artists outside southern Oregon and the fact that his feed sends us excerpts with a link to his blog rather than complete posts, I also felt there was value for our own artists in his posts. He certainly is a wealth of information, adding much to Art Matters! as a one-stop resource for artists near and far, so we don’t mind our own readers traveling over to his place to continue reading. The appearance of Bernard Chaet’s obituary in our top ten search terms list further validates our decision to keep Brett in the syndication list. Chaet is known as the author of the seminal book The Art of Drawing (and a lovely collection of other titles, too), and he has certainly done much to “draw” readers to Art Matters!! Thank you, and RIP Bernard.

We are happy to repost lists of Calls to Artists from (CaFE), and happy to know that artists find a visit to Art Matters! a handy way to get them. These and calls from other sources can all be found by clicking the “Call to Artists” menu tab. In fact, we just received a new one we should post soon…

Unfortunately, the person looking for “richard gyuro” did not find what they were looking for at Art Matters!. I think this may be the same for the person searching “3d art class,” but hopefully once they arrived here they were able to explore til they did find what they wanted. And last but not least, those teaching oil painting might want to make sure they include “lessons” along with “teaching, “instruction”, “classes” and “workshops” and other related terms in the keywords of their posts. A search at Art Matters! using these terms pulls up all kinds of things, but few classes, workshops, or even lessons. Still, one click on the Classes and Workshops tab should have helped the individuals searching for oil painting lessons to find an artist here who does.

Are you getting an idea why the keywords you assign to each post are so important? Excellent.

Now, if we combine the three instances of Escher-related search terms in our top ten list, two more spots open up. Will more SOAR artists appear? Here’s the adjusted Top Ten Search Term List for Art Matters! 2012:

  1. escher
  2. cammy davis
  3. stefan baumann paintings
  4. bernard chaet obituary
  6. richard gyuro
  7. 3d art class
  8. oil painting lessons
  9. jewish deaf artist dawn barnette
  10. clay murals

Did you answer Yes? We hope you did, because as it turns out Dawn Barnett doesn’t live in southern Oregon, but her cousin Shelly, who represents her work, does. Dawn is the daughter of  Jackie Barnett, Jimmy Durante’s music producer and comedian writer, and  Jo Morrow, an actress who made several movies and appeared on television. Her listing appears HERE but her site appears to be down at the moment. You can learn more about her from the Nov. 2011 post we wrote to promote her show at the GoodBean in Jacksonville.

The “clay murals” search turned up posts by listed artist Elaine Frenett when she was writing about her friend Efren, an artist from Mexico who creates stunning clay murals. She brought him here last year to teach a workshop on his wonderful technique of creating large murals with clay. Interestingly, and Art Matters! search using these terms also turns up quite a few CaFE Calls to artists posts! Curious? Check out the search results (including Elaine’s posts about Efren’s clay murals) HERE.

Here are the top ten Google queries which brought visitors to Art Matters! in 2012. And yes, Escher took multiple top ten spots again, so we’ve adjusted the results as we did above:




escher (multiple variations)

2.stefan baumann
3.richard prince
4.empty bowls
6.break a leg
7.mexican art
8.body paint
9.laser art
10.sangram majumdar

Here are the top ten keywords typed into Google which brought visitors here in 2012:




(not provided)(this would be due to private browsing sessions, and would increase the top ten visits figures substantially)



Avg Page views:


Avg Visit Length


% New Visitors:


2.blogs.soartists.com571.1900:09:561.75% presence jacksonville or412.3200:01:2641.46% matters, soar301.2300:01:210.00%
5.christian fine artists291.1000:00:216.90%
6.stefan baumann paintings251.7600:01:2992.00%
8.eugene bennett artist211.4300:00:3090.48%
9.stefan baumann203.2000:02:2290.00%
11.empty bowls161.3100:02:3093.75%

You can see how people who know what they’re looking for (our blog) spend more time here, but others introduce new visitors to the site. Many of these, having discovered that Art Matters! is an informative art blog, do return to explore further. In addition to posting new pieces about your own work, musings, accomplishments, classes and events for readers who know they’re looking for you when they search, following a similar strategy to ours by posting about well-known artists, art events or commonly used (or needed) artistic techniques and information on your own blog will help you attract new visitors who can then discover your own beautiful artwork, too.

We hope this has helped you understand a little better how keywords help the search engines to connect web surfers’ search terms with your website. Most of all, we’re so grateful for all of you! Thanks for helping us make SOAR and Art Matters! the interesting, informative and beautiful sites they are. We make a great team, don’t we – between our efforts to present your content in a way that covers the technical aspect of search engine optimization and your compelling art, events and musings, we’re attracting thousands of visitors from around the world to learn about the art and artists of southern Oregon! Have a lovely holiday, and we’ll talk to you again before the new year begins!


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