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The Grand View Ranch: Daily Painting and Observations

The Grand View Ranch

Daily Painting and Observations

Daily Paintings From Stefan Baumann and His Observations on Art, Nature and Life

Premier Artist of The American Landscape 

Painting Mistakes:

“A Pathway to Excellence”

 Painting by Stefan Baumann

Before we start our conversation, I am pleased to announce that my spring workshop this year at The Grand View Ranch will be on May 25, 26, and 27.


This year’s workshop will include new topics and locations. It will be the most insightful workshop ever. You will have many opportunities to sharpen your skills, increase your technical understanding, and explore your personal vision, which is the source of artistic creativity and your unique perception. This workshop is open to all levels of ability.


For more information about the workshop, or to register, please go to my website or call me anytime at 800-511-1337 for more information.


Mistakes: “A Pathway to Excellence”
It has been snowing for the past few days and when it stopped, I grabbed my paints and searched for a location in town to paint. It was a beautiful day. This painting is of a home located in Mt. Shasta call the Sullaway house. I have included some pictures of the painting in several stages so you can see how I painted it.

Lady of Mt Shasta 111Old Lady of Mt Shasta Baumann 222222

It is impossible for artists to have all the answers or to paint without making mistakes. The very nature of mixing paint itself is a trial and error process. When you are mixing colors and creating various tones and values, you will sometimes discover “by accident” combinations of color nuances and brushstrokes that are spectacular. However, what seems to be pure chance is really the accumulation of many previous efforts.

Old Lady of Mt Shasta Baumann 444444Old Lady of Mt Shasta Baumann

It goes like this. The more you paint, the more mistakes you make, and the more mistakes, the more you learn how to avoid and correct those mistakes, creating more knowledge and fewer mistakes in the first place. Despite what you see in DVD’s and painting shows on TV, none of the artists have the ability to paint what they intend to paint without experimenting. In fact, the nature of painting is one of constantly correcting the stroke you just placed on the canvas by deciding what the next stroke will be. How you repair your mistakes becomes your technique and style, and this process takes making many mistakes, many HUGE MISTAKES.


We artists enjoy the experience of creating art, not just producing a marketable product. The truth is that most paintings are not masterpieces. If it were easy, the value of paintings would decrease because the supply of great art would be plentiful. With time and practice, your paintings will improve to your own level of excellence, uniqueness, and greatness.


“The most important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” Dale Carnegie



For more information, and to register, please go to my website or call me anytime at 800-511-1337 for more information.


This workshop will inspire you and change the way you paint forever.

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   Painting Workshop  in Mt Shasta CA           

A Three-Day Painting Workshop that will inspire the way you paint, forever !


Discover the secrets of painting


Come join Stefan Baumann, the host of the PBS series THE GRAND VIEW, for a weekend of painting in beautiful Mt. Shasta at The Grand View Ranch.  Discover the secrets of painting hidden lakes, vast meadows, grand trees, sunsets, and the famous Mt. Shasta summit herself. More Information
About Stefan Baumann The paintings of Stefan Baumann capture the true spirit of nature by transporting you to undiscovered, unseen, and undisturbed secret lands. Each painting is more than just a picture; it is a vivid manifestation of his special and personal union with nature and the outdoors. Through Baumann’s masterful compositions and his use of brilliant light and color, he invites you to experience nature in its purity..
About The Grand View PBS With his popular weekly PBS television series, The Grandview, America’s National Parks through the Eyes of an Artist, Baumann shares with millions of viewers his passion for painting in the great outdoors. His work is currently advertised in Art of the West Magazine, and he is a spokesman for Masterpiece Canvas. With Baumann’s national acclaim, it is no wonder astute collectors have made Stefan Baumann one on the most sought after American nature painters of our time..
About The Grand View Ranch
It is my dream to create an idyllic artist retreat, where artists can participate in location painting workshops that nurture the artist in a place of unparalleled beauty and inspiration.  I am interested in offering an experience that reflects the philosophy of one of my mentors, John Ruskin, author of “Modern painters.”  Ruskin rejected the dehumanizing effects of the Industrial Revolution, similar to what we are going through right now, with mass produced imports from other countries, and very few items made with the artist’s hands, mind, and heart.  I hope to work with other similar thinking artists to make a difference, and to provide a location for human connection and artistic expression to grow.  This type of project takes a battalion of helpful colleagues to make it work, and many artists have contributed to this dream.  I thank them with all my heart.

Stefan Baumann portrait

Stefan Baumann

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