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For great posts about the business of art, check out The Artsy Shark HERE! reviews competitions and appeals seeking creative content, listing those that respect your copyrights and highlighting those that don't. Art Matters! publishes calls to artists, and not all of them may be compliant with ABoR's standards. Visit their site to learn more.
We support the Embedded Metadata Manifesto.  Metadata is information such as copyright notice and contact info you can embed in your images to protect your intellectual property, save time when uploading to social sites and promote your art. Click to visit the site and learn more.

The Artist's Bill of Rights, by Don Schaefer

Artist's Bill of Rights logoArtists’ Bill of Rights is for everyone. formed in 2007 by a group of professional photographers under the direction of Gordon Harrison, who sought to tame the Wild West of internet rights-grabbing competitions. Artists Bill of Rights wished to create a venue that provided a safe place for all people to learn how to protect their creative work online. In addition to the many content harvesters who steal whole websites’ worth of images, many competitions require overly broad terms for entry that deny the creator a fair deal for the use of their images. Artists Bill of Rights provides information on how to minimize your exposure to those schemes, and they list competitions that meet fair standards.
Online contests with onerous rules are either rights-grabbing venues or overly-cautious competition organizers who don’t understand copyright and fear lawsuits. We try to sort the wheat from the chaff and worked with those organizers whose aims are honorable and who wish to create fair terms and conditions for both entrants and organizers.
Our initial efforts have since expanded to include advocacy for legislation on copyright by working directly in the defeat of poorly drafted legislation, like the Shawn Bentley Orphan Works 2008 bill, warning of concerns about submitting images to social networks, advocating for industry standards for image metadata preservation, , advocating in the British Parliament to block unworkable provisions of their Orphan Works efforts, and updating the public on copyright reform hearings, such as the the recent Hearing: Moral Rights, Termination Rights, Resale Royalty, and Copyright Term.
We currently seek to expand with greater effect into promoting rights for artists of all disciplines, such as writers, gamers, musicians, etc.
Here are links to our current work:
Our principles:
Our guide for organizers and entrants:
Our research into social media rights failings:
We post competition calls by those who support our principles, and spread news of IP rights trends:
We have acquired a significant list of individuals and organizations who support our principles:
We allow anyone to report questionable competitions or services to us:
We offer a list of “safe” competitions:
We have a list of “bad” competitions:
We offer posters for use in your advocacy:
We even have a memorial page to those who have lost their rights 🙂
We Tweet our supporters’ work and news of interest @ArtistsRights
We also welcome anyone who might like to spend time working with our objectives.
Don Schaefer
Campaign Director
Artists’ Bill of Rights

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