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For great posts about the business of art, check out The Artsy Shark HERE! reviews competitions and appeals seeking creative content, listing those that respect your copyrights and highlighting those that don't. Art Matters! publishes calls to artists, and not all of them may be compliant with ABoR's standards. Visit their site to learn more.
We support the Embedded Metadata Manifesto.  Metadata is information such as copyright notice and contact info you can embed in your images to protect your intellectual property, save time when uploading to social sites and promote your art. Click to visit the site and learn more.

Press Engagement

  Press writing is often my first assignment with a new client. I’m always pleased to help businesses and organizations share their news with print publishers and broadcast producers. Here’s why– Trust and Awareness Nothing increases brand trust and customer awareness better than editorial
content published by respected news and entertainment outlets. Public engagement with news
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Winter Workshop

A new weekly workshop begins January 26 through February 23rd on Tuesday evenings, 6:30 – 9 pm at the Medford Central Library.  Come join us and warm yourself with vigorous writing, inspiring prompts and a supportive, encouraging environment! Writers of … Continue reading

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Autumn Weekly Workshops

There are a couple spots left in our Autumn Weekly Workshop… Are we missing you? This six-week workshop will meet Thursdays, October 8 – November 12 at the Medford Library. (One week we will meet on Wednesday, Oct. 21). Come … Continue reading

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Weekly Autumn Writing Group

Weekly Autumn Writing Group Forming Now! It’s the season of new notebooks, sharpened pencils and fresh starts. What better time to begin a writing group? A six-week workshop is forming for Thursdays, October 8 – November 12 at the Medford Library. (One week … Continue reading

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Winter Writing & Wine at EdenVale Winery

Winter is upon us and a new weekly writing group is forming. Warm yourselves with story in front of the fire at the Voorhies Mansion at EdenVale Winery. We will gather with inspiring prompts, delicious snacks, wine available for purchase, … Continue reading

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A leaf of the Madrone collects drops of rain these January days. It is a forest shell. I bend and snap the image up into my phone’s camera during our walk along one of the trails near Casa Chiara. We’ve had a guest with us these days–a friend of John’…

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A leaf of the Madrone collects drops of rain these January days. It is a forest shell. I bend and snap the image up into my phone’s camera during our walk along one of the trails near Casa Chiara. We’ve had a guest with us these days–a friend of John’s from college years at Yale. Imagine over fifty years of stories, aspirations, loves and losses needing to be shared. I am filled up to the brim with all of it, the immensity, the endurance, the radiance, the laughter, and the tenderness (oh, the tenderness that a long life can bring towards all that is upon the earth.) Mo feels it, dear little Mo who keeps as close to our friend as possible. We all absorb each other’s life like rain falling on thirsty souls. We drink each other in like moss drinks January rain, needing little else.

What is in us that cannot be said? “Thoughts that do often lie too deep for words,” as the poet Wordsworth mused. But all three of us are writers, multiplying words in the never ending task of bringing form to the formless. There is so much love in us this day there can be no denying it, but no word can capture it either. There’s a clue in the leaf that captures rain, in the moss that drinks.

All through my life I have been loved, and yet I am like moss in my yearning. There’s so much of it, you’d think it hadn’t already been fulfilled. The rain is right now falling! I remind myself. Why aren’t I satisfied? Is the yearning a holdover from a former lifetime, one in which I was deprived of love? But this morning it came to me that my yearning is not my own alone. It is the yearning of Form for Essential Being/Existence. In each fragment of matter, even in me, is felt that yearning for incorporation into the Allness. It is the Love that grounds all love. The psalm came to me, “Like a deer that yearns for running streams, so my soul is yearning for You my God. My soul is yearning for God, the God of my life; when can I enter and see the Face of God?”
This is a universal yearning; that of Form for the Formless/the Formless for an adequate and perfect Form. This is the Fire that rain can’t quench. This is the Passion of the Spirit as well as of the material form. This is why nothing else satisfies. Even if mind insists (and rightly so) that the Divine Fullness is the heart and pulse of all form, of the micro and macrocosm, still even the most minute of forms longs for the realization IN ITSELF of that universal consciousness. This is the Fire in form that consumes the heart and trans-forms. “The whole universe groans in a great act of birthing,” says St. Paul. (Romans 8). It is the thirst of all creation for the life-giving rain.
We walk. Our voices form the words for stories, ideas, descriptions, and the words combine with the sounds of rain on leaves, and the songs of birds when the sun breaks through. We are all together a symphony of being. Each movement brings back the same theme, introduced/intensified/made more complex/combining complexities/weaving the tonal poem together/unifying/rising towards simplicity/made One in what we imagine as the Fullness of Love. A single Tone in which Being is Form and Form is Being in an Eternal Instant.

Such a mystery–because from the outside it looks like a walk in the woods. Three people and a dog.

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Calls to Artists from Art Deadlines List

Editor’s Note: We have removed several calls that were obviously not intended for Oregon artists. Some calls that remain should be checked for eligibility of Oregon artists before applying. We wish you the best of good fortune in any of these calls you may apply for! April 1, 2015 THE ARTIST’S MAGAZINE ANNUAL ART COMPETITION More than $25,000 in prizes will be awarded, and Top Award Winners will be featured in the December 2015 issue of The Artist’s Magazine! All winners will also appear in a special online gallery. There are 5 categories for you to compete and win. Plus, there’s a Special Student/Beginner Division for new artists. Entry fee. Details: 715-445-4612 OR OR [email protected] December 31, 2014 DAVE BOWN PROJECTS Jurors: Steven Matijcio, Curator, Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati; Dominic Molon, Curator of Contemporary Art, RISD Museum; Marina Pacini, Chief Curator and Curator of American, Modern, and Contemporary Art,

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One-Day Summer Workshops

One-day workshops are being scheduled for this summer.  These three-hour workshops are a wonderful way to explore writing with Writers’ Room Workshops and the Amherst Writers and Artists method.  Afternoon workshops are only $25. Summer Workshops: Sunday, June 1 ~ 1:30 … Continue reading

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Advice from Ira Glass Advice from one of my favorite storytellers on why we need to write…. and write again…. and write again… and keep writing.

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