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What’s in YOUR Goblet? Going with the wine flow…Sandi Whetzel’s Recent Wine Art Fantasy

Ruby Red 11×14 acrylic ©Sandi Whetzel

I was fascinated by an idea to paint a woman’s face nestled inside a wine goblet, but I was undecided about how to incorporate that idea into a winning painting– I like my art to be sensual or whimsical, but not cartoon-ish. I had no problem envisioning a feminine face conforming to a goblet shape–But just a woman’s face inside a goblet, without anything to complete the top of her head-shape, yielded an awkward cut-off head effect. I was stuck. I hadn’t decided how to resolve theincomplete-head-issueuntil I saw a woman with the most vibrant red hair I’d ever seen. That extremely red hair sparked the solution to my exceptional painting concept.

First I painted a beautiful woman’s face inside the goblet. Then I painted red wine pouring from a wine bottle above her face, flowing onto her face, spilling over the goblet and around her face, like hair tresses. It is a robust wine flow, but itis anabstract/surrealistic painting–I cantake liberties in the painting execution. Maybe executionis a poor choice of words considering my prior reference to a cut-off headMaybe it is justified, if it helps you see the dilemma I was facing. (Sorry–I’m on a roll with metaphors.)
Ripe and sassy, this elegant red is firm and sinewy, yet balanced; it shows fine length and freshness, lingering easily and persisting on the lively finish. Several painting titles came to mind, but Ruby Red just seemed to fit better than any other.
I’m anxious to hear if Ruby Red is received as enthusiastically as I feel about her. I’m considering silk-screening the image onto women’s black wine apparel. What do you think? Is it a dramatic rival to other wine diva-themed shirts on the market? Can you imagine this sizzling image printed on shiny metal? 

I’d love to read what you think in the comments section below.
٠Other News: Sandi Whetzel’s Wine Art Illuminates Roseburg Valley Mall’s Artisan’s Gallery with her shimmering prints on metal
I am excited for Roseburg area shoppers to see how shiny, shimmering, sleek, lustrous, scintillating and slick my wine art prints on metal appear. You just have to see them to believe how dramatic they are. See all five wine metal prints available for purchase at Artisan’s Gallery .    This is a newly-opened shop inside Roseburg Valley Mall, located at 1444 NW Garden Valley Blvd. #250, Roseburg, OR. They offer fine jewelry, unique gifts, art, and a precious metal exchange. They are right next to the book store and a must-see holiday shopping destination.
New Store in Roseburg Valley Mall

Click for wine prints
See more of Sandi’s art here .

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