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Online Panel: Journal Rappé and The Peace Poets

Journal Rappé portraitWe’re so excited about this. Keyti is based in Senegal, one of our Artistic Activism trainers for the Regional Creative Hubs, and a co-founder of Journal Rappé. The project takes current affairs and in-depth reporting, puts it to a beat, and edits together a 10+ minute report published on YouTube. This year, their work was …

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Webinar #27: Avram Finkelstein

Avram discusses collectivity and communicating in public space for participants of the Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 campaign. At our last Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 meeting some participants said they wanted to know more about working in collectives. We immediately went to Avram Finkelstein who has a wealth of experience with working in collectives […]

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Webinar #26: Social Emergency!

We’re talking with the fantastic Kenneth Bailey, lead at The Design Studio for Social Intervention (DS4SI).

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Webinar #25: How Do We Know If It Works Part 2

Part 2 of one of our most popular webinars with scholar/activist Jan Cohen-Cruz and Executive Director Deborah Fisher from A Blade of Grass (ABOG)

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Webinar #24 Art Action Profiles

Two of our 2017 Artistic Activism grantees, Arian Kajtezovic of Croatia and Kate McGrew of Ireland, talk about TRANSummer Camp, A Day in the Life of An Escort and their other projects.

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Webinar #23: Easter Special

The unorthodox stories of the secret artistic activism history of prophets. Moses, Jesus and Mohammed were amazing activists and creative militants. They understood the fundamentals of using story and spectacle, signs and s…

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How to Win #13: Learn from South Africa

While having an autocratic, erratic and narcissistic madman as a president might be new to artistic activists in the US, this is standard operating procedure for activists in other parts of the world. In this webinar we talked with veteran South African activists Ishtar Makhani and Marlise Richter to learn how to navigate, and effectively operate in, […]

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How to Win Webinar #12: Loot the Museums

This webinar will be this Friday, March 10th, 2017, 12:00 – 12:50 PM EST. Sign up for the webinar here. Even if you can’t be there live, still sign up so you can get the video recording afterwards. Now that we have an entertainer in the White House, we need to understand how entertainment works. What […]

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How to Win Webinar #11: Recalibrate Reality

Why Recalibrate Reality? Should artistic activists use our work to hold a mirror up to reality to make the invisible visible? Or should we use our talents to imagine new possibilities of what reality could be? Or can we do both? Steve and Steve give a brief course on the latest aesthetic and cultural theory, and […]

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How To Win Webinar #10: Make Your Meetings Inventive

Why a Webinar about Meetings? We’ve all been in a lot of action planning meetings lately, and some of them… are less than productive. This training is on how to lead Action Planning Meetings that don’t suck and are super creative and effective. Steve Lambert and Steve Duncombe give you tricks from their years of artistic […]

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