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Land That I Love: Southern Oregon en Plein Air

Come to my show opening, Friday, July 18, 5 -8 pm at the Rogue Gallery, Medford, OR! There are 20 plein air landscape paintings created in the Rogue Valley.  The pieces are arranged geographically and while some have been shown before, but many are new.  If I didn’t title my pieces so literally we could have a […]

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Skull and Tea

Smithfields has another painting to replace the Rabbit that found a good home.  I painted this one on a high shelf while I was sitting down and it is hanging above the vegetable piece (like so) and the perspective kind of works together in the room.  Not quite trompe-l’oeil but sort of tromp-l’oeil inspired. Filed under: Paintings, […]

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Finished Skull

  Finished this piece in time for the PERISHABLE show at APU. I’m also making another project for that show, that I will take no pictures of, tell you nothing about and that is temporary so the only way to view it will be to come see it during April at APU.Filed under: Ashland Painters […]

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This is not a new piece, it was painted in 2012, but never photographed.  Yet another Smithfields painting. Vegetables are important too and believe it or not, Smithfields does have vegetarian options.  Vegans can just forget it though.Filed under: painting, Paintings, Still Life Tagged: 2012, art, Sarah burns, sarah f burns, Smithfields, Smithfields series, southern […]

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My latest piece for Smithfields.  My working title is Water.  Titles -eh.  They’re hard.  They either very robotic for me, or very silly and embarrassing.  I am not a writer. I was playing with echoes in this piece – the male figure and the crab both have bent knees, orange color.  The woman has a […]

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Smithfields Rabbit Painting

Rabbit for Smithfields, Oil on Linen by Sarah F. Burns

I just hung this painting at Smithfields, two of the series went home with a nice family, so there was room to hang this piece.  The rabbit is from Ian Hensel at Hensel Family Farms.   Filed under: painting, Still Life Tagged: 2012, art, oil painting, painting, rogue valley, Sarah burns, sarah f burns, Smithfields, southern […]

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One More Post….. : )

My friend Jennifer Nitson wrote this piece for me to use a press release for the show – it’s a delightful piece of writing – It makes me laugh and it tells the story really well.  Enjoy! Meet Your Meat: Local artist makes introductions By Jennifer Nitson Sarah F. Burns was apologetic as she began […]

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It’s Time to Meet Your Meat! Vanitas for Smithfields is Opening Soon!

Sarah Burns flier for Smithfield's Opening 2012

Tagged: anatomy, art, art opening, commission, fine art, oil, oil painting, painting, raw meat, Sarah burns, sarah f burns, skull, Smithfields, Smithfields series, southern oregon, still life, vanitas, work of sarah f burns

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Bear Skeleton, painting by Sarah F. Burns

I’m entering pretty gory territory here.  Sorry if you’re squeamish or hate hunting or meat eating or anything like that.  My friend Gilbert is a hunter and recently killed a bear, which he removed the meat from and gave me the fresh skeleton, (minus the skull which he has buried in his backyard so that […]

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Day Four or Five, I’m Losing Track..

I thought I wasn’t going to do full color, but it seems to be headed that way. Or maybe 80% full color. I plan to do the meat in hyper-color to really make it grab you. Today I worked the area around the pitcher. At a certain point I am going to stop sharing the […]

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