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38 of 37…?

      Oddly enough, now that I’ve met my challenge of “37 paintings in 37 minutes”, I want to do more.  It’s like a puzzle I haven’t quite solved.  You might have noticed that this one looks like #37.  Same subject, similar color and orientation.  I’m still not quite “satisfied”.   I’ll keep working. […]

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The 37 in 37 Collection — All Together

[scrollGallery id=32] Over the past few months I’ve been working on a set of watercolor studies.  Each of the 37 studies was done in 37 minutes.  Why 37?  The 37 was inspired by a newsletter written by artist Robert Genn.  This is a variation of an exercise he sometimes uses with painting students who are “blocked”. I […]

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Voila! Numbers 36 & 37 of 37

        Well, I finally did it:  finished my “37 in 37” painting series.  Hmm, what to think.  I think I’ll do some more.   Here are my thought on what I have learned:   a.  That I can create a painting in 37 minutes. b.  I like the concentration and focus of […]

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Happy Halloween Eve — Moon Goddess

  Just in time for Halloween, I thought I’d post my favorite bat colored pencil drawing.  I did this a few years ago.  I’ve never done a watercolor version.  I’m thinking its time to dust off this design, modify it and do a new version of my “Moon Goddess”.   The inspiration for “Moon Goddess” […]

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“Change Over Day” and 34 of 37

Today was “change over” day at Art & Soul Gallery in Ashland, OR.  This is the day we move wall location and bring new paintings in.  I am fortunate to have the help of my husband Robert.  I was having fun being silly for the camera.  The artists in the gallery are fun and interesting […]

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The Pig Returns (Studies 32 and 33 of 37)

As stated in the previous posting, I brought out my pig model. Sir Pigalot kindly posed for me on a box.   Why the box? As you know doubt have noticed, I use a box as a prop on many of these 37 in 37 studies. I’m practicing drawing and painting boxes in perspective. These […]

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Watercolor Studies 30 and 31; 37 in Sight!

I’m coming around to the home stretch; number 37 is in sight.  However, these 37 minute studies don’t seem to be getting any easier! I do believe that most things worthwhile take time, work and study.  After dealing with big yellow washes, and a bit of frustration with numbers 29 and 30, I decided to […]

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October Exhibits at Rogue Gallery & Art Center (and more gallery news...)

  I have continued to work on my 37 minute watercolor studies.  Today’s is a lesson in overcoming resistance and a bright big yellow wash.  I fought with myself during the entire 37 minute process.  I struggled with what to do about the big yellow wash I had laid down at the beginning.  Such struggles […]

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Hanging In There with 27 and 28

I’m thinking I’m finally getting the point of this exercise.  Right about now, I’m figuring I need to do about 2 maybe 300 more of these, along with my regular painting.  I’m revealing to myself just how much there is to learn about painting.  Thank goodness there is so much to be learned.  Wouldn’t it […]

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Two More 37 Minute Watercolor Studies

    I continue my 37 minute studies.  The color version was done with the watercolor wet into wet and in one session.  It’s rough, but I find the soft shapes interesting and poetic. The work continues.  Thank you and enjoy!      

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