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Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite National Park

Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite National Park. 12″ X 18″ Oil on canvas. This painting of Bridal Veil Falls was created en plein air on location in Yosemite Valley in summer at Bridal Veil Vista Point. Yosemite is a grand location for o…

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Morning Overlook (Emigrant Lake)

On a hot summer day, a group of plein air students and I headed out early to capture the stunning colors of Emigrant Lake. I created this piece as a demonstration, and the cool blue water still calls to me for a swim! Morning Overlook (Emigrant Lake) 10″x10″ Cradled hardboard $395

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Call of the Trail

Up on Mount Ashland this summer, I painted these beautiful Doug Firs standing like sentinels of the Pacific Crest Trail. Every summer, hundreds answer the call to hike the trail from Mexico to Canada, or at least some portion of it. Even if you can’t go this year, hang this painting in your entryway so […]

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Summer’s Refuge

On a summer camping trip, I found a quiet place to paint and take in the glory of the late afternoon. At this remote lake in the volcanic Southern Oregon landscape, osprey and eagles spread their wings while fish find safety in the cooler waters far from anglers’ hooks. 8″ x 10″ Oil on Canvas […]

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Russian Olive Green

A Russian olive tree strikes a stately pose over the North Platte River, which cuts a winding path through the high plains of Wyoming. Early morning clouds cast a cool light over plateaus and valleys, offering a palette of deliciously blue greens, a respite from the summer’s heat. Price: $295 Media: Oil on canvas panel […]

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Ashland Paint Out: A Celebration of Arts and Parks

It’s wonderful to be back in Ashland among our thriving artistic community! On Saturday, I participated in Ashland Paint Out, a plein-air-painting competition (though it was all very convivial) that sent local artists out into North Mountain and Lithia parks. Our mission was to capture the landscape, colors and visions of these world-class parks and […]

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The Rogue and Table Rock Companion  

Even in the hot, lazy days of summer, the Rogue River is cold and lively. Table rock is a local icon, a piece of ancient rock that rises up out of the river valley. When the heat gets to be too much, it’s up above we should be, or down below, floating on a river. […]

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Hill’s Song

Impressionist painting is all about light and movement. The hills around Ashland, Oregon have their own special relationship with light, and they move with it from dawn to dusk. Colors come and go, shapes form and dissipate with the clouds. Although the paint on the canvas seems to be still, your eyes will catch the dance […]

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Her Hills

Painted entirely with a palette knife, this is a copy of a plein air work I did of Billings Pond in Ashland during June last year. I enjoyed the challenge of recreating the scene in a contemporary/abstract style – in the end, it feels much more personal. Price: $300 Media: Oil on canvas Size: 8″ […]

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Sacred Mustard

Scenic Hills Cemetery in Ashland lives up to its name. Stunning views of the surrounding Southern Oregon hills bring a sense of perspective and serenity. With the wild mustard flowers in bloom, this hidden treasure gives off a golden aura. SOLD Media: Oil on canvas Size: 8″x10″

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