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A Memoir of Early Childhood

Just before Christmas 2019 a box filled with  copies of my newest book arrived at my door. Here it is! A book of stories from my early childhood when I was Mary Jane Lore and my world consisted in the boundary waters of Minnesota and Ontario, …

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WMG Call for Art for Two Exhibitions

Quilt + Resist: Art, Politics, Storytelling Exhibition Dates: November 9 - December 1, 2018 Entry Due Date: August 31 , 2018 Jurors: Marcia Grubb and Adelia Moore

Language of the Voiceless Art Inspired by, and in Memoriam to Artist Nancy Hild Exhibition Dates: September 28 – October 20, 2018 Final Entry Due Date: July 21 , 2018 Juror: Jeramy Turner


Nancy’s world was one of secrets: secret symbolism, hidden drawers, compartments within compartments, an anger and intense strength that was shielded behind floral arrangements, chicken feathers, pug dogs, and a gently scathing humor….but upon closer scrutiny these pleasantries were often plastic. Blow up toys, easily punctured, and vulnerable in their inertness.

Nancy exposed her anger at a world that trampled upon women and animals with equal nonchalance, and she did so by creating a silent language of detail and quietude, submerging her figures in the silence of black velvet encasement.

In homage to this otherworldly artist, Woman Made Gallery is asking for art that emotes that which cannot be put

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Carole Karemera – healing social trauma through the arts

The main part of our conversation is dedicated to Carole’s description of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and especially, the role that women played in the genocide. Carole then recounts for us the courageous journey of women in the arts in Rwanda, who picked up the task of listening carefully to the needs of their society and the daunting process of reworking their historical “heritage”, the social trauma of genocide together with perpetrators and victims and the new generations.

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Stories Behind the Statistics

“I was in a play once!” I’m standing in line at a bookstore in my neighborhood, and the woman behind me is telling me her story. She recognized me from a show I did last spring, see, and her eyes light up as she tells me about her high school musical—how she almost didn’t audition, […]

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Things Remembered from NAMPC

I felt my head nearly exploding from all the information I was dutifully scribbling down as fast as arm could push my pen. Armed with page after page of notes and new, exciting ideas to share with my co-workers, I left NAMP feeling inspired and empowered. The messages that resonated the loudest for me were:

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Leah Fanning Mebane Announces Earth Paint Kits at Siskiyou School Winter Faire

Earth Paint Kits: the Earth Oil Paint Kit comes in a beautiful, eco-friendly box and includes 6 earth pigments, refined walnut oil and Earth Paints booklet. The Children’s Earth Paint Kit includes 6 powdered paints (that makes a thick, vibrant paint when mixed with water), compostable mixing cups and booklet with nature-based art activites and more.

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What Art Therapy Learned from September 11th

Art theorist and perceptual psychologist Rudolph Arnheim once noted, “Art serves as a helper in times of trouble.” The events of September 11th, 2001 opened the door to understanding a lot more about how art serves as a helper in times of profound cris…

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Remembering 9/11

September 9, 2011 By Rebecca Gross   “John and Joe.” Video courtesy of StoryCorps No one needs to be reminded that this Sunday marks the tenth anniversary of 9/11. As we sift through the innumerable commemorative articles, exhibits, blog posts, and installations, we are shaken into remembering what that day really felt like, what the […]

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Art Talk with Storyteller Slash Coleman

May 17, 2011 Washington, DC By Rebecca Gross The Neon Man and Me from Shanika Smiley on Vimeo. If there was such a thing as a thoroughbred artist, Slash Coleman would fit the bill. His grandfather was a dancer at Moulin Rouge, his grandmother was a watercolorist, and his father was a sculptor. This genealogical […]

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Cool Art Therapy Intervention #3: It’s All About the Metaphor

Draw a person in the rain. Make a picture of a bird’s nest. Use clay to create an image of yourself as an animal. Or just paint whatever you’d like. Now talk about it with your therapist. It’s all about the metaphor. Primary Topic:  …

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