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Saturday Fireside Chat – Plein Air or Studio Painting?

stefan baumann saturday fireside chats - image of artists istting around a campfire at the grand view ranch, mt shasta, california

Plein Air or Studio Painting?

This week I finished several studio paintings of the property located behind The Grand View Ranch. I have also been thinking about the hurricane in Florida and all the people who had to leave their homes to go to safer areas to wait for the storms to pass. I hope that when they return home all is not lost.

My heart goes out to all of you, and I send wishes that you all have a safe trip back home. The air in Mt. Shasta is filled with smoke like all of California and it is a constant reminder that our ranch is venerable to fire. I can relate to your fears and hope that we all are able to resume living the lives we love.


Around the campfire tonight, we were talking about what is preferable – Studio painting or Plein Aire

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Saturday Fireside Chat - Painting With Temperature - Stop Muddy Paintings Forever!

Old State Cabin, by Stefan Baumann

Painting With Temperature – Stop Muddy Paintings Forever!

I love the Fireside Chats that we have on Saturday nights at The Grand View Ranch. This week, a group of artist friends helped us prepare our ranch for my Plein Air Workshop on October 20-21-22. Although we painted just a little this week, we did make time to have an art chat. One of the artists asked. “How do I prevent my paintings from getting muddy when painting outside on location?”


I replied…. “Muddy paintings happen because of temperature issues. Very few artists really understand how to use color temperature, and most artists are unaware that temperature is an essential element to create good compositions. There is no such thing as a muddy color. The muddy color that you think that you have created could ultimately be the color of the shadow on a face of a young angel.

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