Quiet Serenity

Roxanne Evans Stout - River Garden Studio, December 2022

Hello you lovely friends and artists!

May this newsletter find you enjoying yourself in everything you do! I have been taking time to reflect on the quietness of winter and wanted to share some worktable photos from my studio, so you can perhaps feel my quietness and this sweet creativity that has taken over my afternoons.

The winter light illuminates my quiet place. River Garden Studio in the Snow

I have really been feeling the quietness of winter lately. It may be due to the freezing temperatures and the cold fog that has frozen the river and covered every bush and tree in our garden in thick, intricate frost. Or it may also be my heart, resting before Christmas and joyfully anticipating our celebration with my whole family.

Time for quiet reflection here at River Garden Studio. Gifts from Nature and Gifts for You

While nature and

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Mixed Media Magic in Scotland!

Mixed Media Magic Workshopin Scotland with Roxanne Evans Stout, September 28–October 6, 2023

Hello you wonderful friends and artists! Sending you love and light from the Pacific Northwest! It is a wintery day here at River Garden Studio! The sun is shining between snowfalls. I have been enjoying time in my studio, but I’m also making some exciting plans for next year that I want to tell you all about!

Immerse yourself in Scotland in the Autumn with me!

I can hardly believe I get to teach…a Mixed Media Workshop in Scotland!

I am so excited to teach twice in Europe next year, in the hilltops of Italy September 16-23, 2023, then in the Highlands of Scotland September 28-October 6, 2023!

Mixed Media Magic, my mixed media workshop in Scotland, is a Wandering Craft Retreat, artfully curated so we get the most enjoyable experience as artists, from private tours to mixed media classes to Scottish Hospitality, with time to soak

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Roxanne Evans Stout New Stencils + Mixed Media Workshop!

Hello you beautiful, artistic souls! I wanted to tell you about the magic brewing here at River Garden Studio. I have some excitement to share!

I love this new stencil creation, and it is ready to share with you at last! Look at all of these new stencil designs on the sheet called ATC Mix-Up Stout #1! The time has finally come for me to share my new stencil designs Just-Released Stencil Designs at StencilGirl Products!

I have two whole sheets available with brand-new stencil creations! Each 9″x12″ sheet has 9 unique images including animals, landscapes, and symbols. Take a look at the options on both sheets, only $14 each! Not only are they fun to use, but they are sturdy and the quality is amazing!

These were made with so much love and inspired by my own work, including my paintings, collages, and pages in my artist

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AGA October Art Opportunities

Ashland GalleriesOctober Visual Arts News October = Art OpportunitiesWe’re excited to share a handful of fun art opportunities that are being offered to foster your inner creativity whether it be getting out and about or enjoying from the comfort of your own home.  Cheryl Kempner, Bird Bases, Ceramic2021 Outdoor Clayfolk Pottery Show & SaleOut of the FireSaturday, October 23, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.Clayfolk is excited to continue their tradition of having a yearly pottery show and sale! This year, it will take place at the heart of Downtown Talent where the Almeda Fire burned. Over a dozen Clayfolk Artists will fill the parking lot of the historic Malmgren Garage Building at 111 Talent Avenue with their wonderful clay artwork. Wake ‘N Bake Food Truck will be serving food as well!For those who are interested in attending, please click here for more information.  Roxanne Evans Stout, Scroll 1, Mixed MediaRoxanne Evans Stout, Seth Apter,

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The Illuminated Scroll – Workshop with Roxanne Evans Stout

Hello you beautiful friends and artists!

I hope you are well and happy. May this newsletter find you creating magic! I love connecting with you, and I’m so excited to tell you about an upcoming opportunity for us to create together online!

Create mixed-media magic with us in The Illuminated Scroll! Here is the open scroll project I will teach, and Seth and Lisa will make completely different scrolls with you! Create Mixed-Media Magic With Us In… The Illuminated Scroll! People have created scrolls to record beauty and magic since ancient times. In The Illuminated Scroll, you will connect with history and the elements as we make three unique mixed-media scrolls on each of the three days. This is a special opportunity with Lisa Agaran-Sand, Seth Apter, and I each teaching for one whole day of the workshop! I teach the first day and will guide you through your

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Sacred Offerings from Roxanne Evans Stout

Roxanne Evans Stout - Find the essence of your creativity

Nurture your creativity with Sacred Offerings. Nourish your artistic spirit with an afternoon making art together… In Sacred Offerings!

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Stencil’s Greetings!

Hello you beautiful friends and artists!

How are you? May you know peace and joy in your lives, this holiday season and always! Sending a warm welcome to a whole bunch of students from The Bookmaker group on Facebook are who new to my letter! We are having a special time in The Bookmaker, and you can still join us. We would love to have you, and I’m extending my participation in the class through the end of December!

And I have something else exciting to tell you about as well! Top left: Songbird of Hope and (new) grass from Leaf and Grass, Top right: Paint Blossom (new), Bottom left: Be Strong (bear) and Stony Path (new), Bottom right: Explore (turtle) and Garden Rows (new) I am overjoyed to announce…My brand-new stencil designs at StencilGirl Products!

Six brand-new sheets of my own design just launched at StencilGirl. I have

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Winter Offerings from Roxanne Evans Stout

Roxanne Evans Stout - Find the essence of your creativity

I am sending you winter offerings of love and inspiration!

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Create With me

  Creating with meSpring has come and gone here in the Pacific Northwest, and now we are deep in the mids…

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A Quietness in the Cold

  December comes quietly this year.Soft rain and snow.The ground is still not frozen.Today there is a pause in the wind. A sigh. …

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