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Art du Jour Gallery July 2016 Exhibits

Art du Jour gallery july 2016 exhibits : Simple Beauty, oil on linen by Sheri Dinardi

Don’t Miss Special Guest Artist Sheri Dinardi in Our Salon and “Summertime USA” on Our Theme Wall. Artists Reception Friday, June 15, 5–8pm.

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Passion Morphs into Virtue: Artist, Sandi Whetzel’s Recent Painting

Virtue in the Vines 16×16 acrylic ©Sandi WhetzelDuring one of my “all-things-wine” modes of thought, I saw a simple line-drawing — an eyebrow, eye, nose and lips bordered on the right side by a large comma-shaped line defining a woman’s cheek and chin…

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An Artful Valentine to My Art Fans: Abstraction, Romance, Elegance and Simplicity Revealed in My Recent Art

An Invitation to Romance 12×24 acrylic © Sandi Whetzel

How can abstraction and romance, elegance and simplicity all be used to describe my most recent paintings? These terms may seem somewhat contradictory, but they are all revealed in my three most recent paintings. Let me explain…

The first one, An Invitation to Romance, definitely suggests romance with the strewn rose petals leading the way to the elegant goblet and bottle of wine, waiting to be served up. The drama of the elegant evening colors against the black and atmospheric blues is devoid of distracting, extraneous elements. This drama and simplicity, exude romance and elegance, by design.

Wine Dream 16×20 acrylic ©Sandi Whetzel

The second image, Wine Dream, is an abstraction of a wine pour in a delicate goblet shape that forms a woman bathing in wineful bliss. Yes, the goblet itself is actually missing; adding to the abstraction of the piece. The simplicity and drama of the red, gold and black, as well as the shapely woman could inspire romance. This concept, so minimal in design, needed more elements. I decided to add the metallic gold and red ribbon-like strips and the red sentimental words to add some more simplicity, elegance, romance and abstraction elements to the piece.

The third image, Simply Wine!, an abstraction of a wine bottle and goblets is a simple, contemporary design with minimal detail. It’s that simplicity of design against the dramatic black background that gives it abstraction and elegance.

Simply Wine! 12×24 acrylic ©Sandi Whetzel

So, to all my loyal art fans, I want to wish you a happy Valentines Day. I hope I’ve inspired you to put a little romance into your life; even if it’s only to look at some contemporary romantic art. That’s my Valentine’s gift to you.

I’ve included the fourth image, Grape de Menthe, because it is an abstraction of grapes and because the Umpqua Valley Winegrowers have selected it to promote the “Greatest of the Grape” event March 2nd. To learn the inspiration behind that painting and details of the “Greatest of the Grape”,

To see more of Sandi’s art and order originals and reproductions in various print options, visit Sandi’s website

wine bottle art

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