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Ashland Paint Out: A Celebration of Arts and Parks

It’s wonderful to be back in Ashland among our thriving artistic community! On Saturday, I participated in Ashland Paint Out, a plein-air-painting competition (though it was all very convivial) that sent local artists out into North Mountain and Lithia parks. Our mission was to capture the landscape, colors and visions of these world-class parks and […]

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At Home with Art

One of the benefits of being an artist is that there’s never a lack of art to decorate with! A landscape painting on the wall is the best therapy for those of us who feel more at home in nature than indoors. I’ve also found that a still life can calm and inspire, and a […]

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My Southwestern Sabbatical

I’ve temporarily relocated to Taos, New Mexico, primarily to plein air paint somewhere new and different.

It’s a big change for me. I’ve spent all of my life on the west coast and the past seven years in Oregon, and I love those places so much I thought I’d never leave.

But recent visits to […]

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Summer Swirls

Summer swirls

Not sure why this one didn’t show up in my subscribers posts, but it’s the one that I wanted to show up the most…. please see blog for details

© “Copyright” 2013 Silvia Trujillo   All rights reserved

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A Variety of Sunflowers

A Variety of Sunflowers, by Silvia Trujillo

A Variety of Sunflowers

Painted from a bouquet of sunflowers that I treated myself to from the local farmers market, I worked ”bigger than life” in order to convey the adoration that I feel for these flowers!

28″x22″   oil   $900

© “Copyright” 2013 Silvia Trujillo   All rights reserved




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Copper study

Painting a shiny copper surface is a challenge. I’ve exaggerated the colors here for maximum effect. 8″x10″ oil on hardboard  $250. © “Copyright” 2013 Silvia Trujillo, All rights reserved

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Floating By

Floating By

Painted from life, I had to capture the clouds quickly. A bit larger than most of my work, it just takes me that much longer to complete.

oil on canvas   16″x20″   $600

© “Copyright” 2013 Silvia Trujillo   All rights reserved


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Umpqua River Autumn

Umpqua River Autumn

The reflections in the water are what attracted me here. Standing on a footbridge looking upriver gave me the vantage point. I had to work quickly as the reflections were changing rapidly.

8″x10″   oil      $300

© “Copyright” 2012 Silvia Trujillo   All rights reserved


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Summer Wind

Another summer day at the the lake but this time the wind was strong. The sailboats and sailboarders were having a good time.

I realized I had forgotten my paint thinner and almost didn’t paint, but then thought about using the oils without thinner and doing a semi- abstract, thicker textured work. I’ve painted this way before and enjoyed the results. Besides, […]

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July/ Oregon Coast II

July/ Oregon Coast Late in the day when the mist started to roll in. 8″x10″ oil on canvas $300 © “Copyright” 2012 Silvia Trujillo All rights reserved

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