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Aaron Hughes

“We’re bringing about these extreme situations, we’re bringing about that choice where people have to respond just like in Iraq. We’re making people respond to us. The whole idea was to share that, because there was no way in our minds that p…

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Actipedia Revisited: #occupysmallstreet

This week we’re giving a shout out to small-scale activism with the #occupysmallstreet movement. First inspired by a doll-sized action in Siberia, this example has been created by Arts X Activism  from Melbourne, Australia. Signs are made collectively, by regular Occupy Small Street-ers and members of the public (adults and children) who stop by and have […]

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The Sounds of the Spanish Revolution

After a demonstration, on May 15 2011, around forty people decided to sleep in Puerta del Sol, one of Madrid´s central squares. This was the origin of a complex protest camp, that would take a phenomenon which had its origins in the Arab Spring to the Western World. On that first night, Kamen Nedev was …

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Pray the Devil Back to Hell

Pray the Devil Back to Hell chronicles the remarkable story of the courageous Liberian women who came together to end a bloody civil war and bring peace to their shattered country. Thousands of women — ordinary mothers, grandmothers, aunts and daughters, both Christian and Muslim — came together to pray for peace and then staged a …

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Italy: Funds-short Museum Burns Art In Protest

For a second day in a row, the director of a contemporary art museum in a small Italian town near Naples has burned a painting to protest a shortage of funds.

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The Art Inside #OccupyWallStreet

Throughout history art has been fundamentally intertwined with social movements and political activism and it continually serves as a critical avenue through which to question, comment on, and influence change in the world around it. And this time around is no exception. While the Occupy Wall Street movement continues to gain momentum, the arts have […]

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This is What Democracy Looks Like (from Arts Watch)

This weekend I had the pleasure of experiencing my first authentic D.C. experience—the protest. I was drawn to the Save Our Schools March because I want to believe that America can still offer all students a quality PUBLIC education. The Save Our Schools March (SOS) was a large umbrella event for anyone who is dissatisfied […]

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The Dutch Initiate a Colorful Stand for the Arts (from Arts Watch)

On June 24, clouds of colorful smoke exploded throughout various arts locations across the globe in protest against the alarming budget cuts facing arts communities worldwide. After the Dutch government proposed to cut nearly 40 percent of arts and cultural funding, arts activists in the Netherlands decided to call attention to this viral issue within […]

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Ahmed Basiony- Egypt takes Protest to Bienniale

Cairo-based artist and electronic musician Ahmed Basiony, 32, was killed by sniper fire in Tahrir Square on Jan. 28, 2011, while participating in the demonstrations that launched the Egyptian popular uprising on Jan. 25. Now, the Venice Biennale has announced that Basiony has been selected to represent Egypt in its pavilion in the Giardini for the 2011 Biennale.

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