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Living Large on Little: Part 1

WordSpaceStudios, San Francisco It was such a gift. Time and space in San Francisco to write. While there, I was able to work on a nonfiction project that’s been growing in a Word document for a long time: Living Large on Little: How a Poet Sees L…

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Beyond the Visible

At the start of a my walk…I was grateful to spend the last week housesitting near Face Rock Beach in Bandon, Oregon. I walked the long beaches usually twice a day, in between overlong work sessions.One afternoon, as I headed north, I noticed that Fac…

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What will we send out?

When I created the Word-Painting Project, the idea was to do something that could encourage others…and cover my grocery bill while chalet-sitting for friends in Switzerland (I’m a practical poet!). Though I thought I was making time for the p…

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The Poet & the Bloodstone

Detail of Bloodstone Pillars, Catedral de Ávila, SpainI am happy that this poem will be  published in the forthcoming Deep Travel anthology.  A bit of backstory:Saint Teresa of Ávila and Charles-Axel Guillaumot never met. …

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Poetry in Five Minutes or Less

For this year’s National Poetry Month, I shared lickety-split bits of micropoetry each day on Instagram. My rules: use photos I took each day and write the poetry in five minutes or less. (This was a fun break from my norm of a bazillion revi…

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The Word-Painting Project

Many moons ago, in a land far, far away, my life completely changed. I had been working for two years in Germany, living an art-filled but spirit-empty life. On a whim, I took the train to Switzerland to a theological commune my parents had told me abo…

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Entering the “roaming stillness”

The book stacks were winning. Not the ones in the library—the ones by my bed: neat-but-towering stacks waiting to find room on shelves filled with the kindred books I love returning to. By the end of 2018, I had three stacks. Something had to be done: …

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This January, three things inspired/conspired to create this post…1) Earlier this month, I was traveling for work. My flights had the tightest layovers of any airline itinerary I’ve ever booked, and I barely made either connection. And though my checke…

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Happy All-Hearted Holidays

“All-Hearted,” painted at the annual women’s conference, Face to Face,Living Waters, November 2018May the art of the heart shape us.May we love with our skinny & big hearts,our new hearts & old hearts, our right-side up & upside-down hearts…

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Strange Thanks

On the last night of this holiday weekend, here’s a little poem—aka an excuse to share a cat painting! Cheers to gratitude—in all its expected and unexpected forms.Strange ThanksThe cat stretchesawake after dreamingof a bigger belly to fill with birds….

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