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In the Middling

I could call this photo “Miles per Life,” quoting myself from the last time I turned the age of a speed limit. But 10 years on, I don’t think that phrase quite works with such little numbers. There have been so many more miles than 45.  For m…

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Five Wise Things

Beneath Baker Mountain on our recent road tripI’m writing a book on the first year of marriage—it was a wild ride! Besides the “primary research” of experiencing matrimony for the first time, I’ve also researched by reading a lot of books. A lot. …

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Peace Like That

 I’m a metaphorical girl—I see connections everywhere. This year, I learned the word apophenia: the tendency to look for connections among unrelated things. I’m pretty sure I have a not-so-mild case of it. Whether through simile or metaphor, I am …

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Flower it Forward

 The thoughtful Del Rio Vineyards offers our little valley a big gift: rows of U-pick zinnias below their hillsides of vines. The only catch? For each bouquet you pick for yourself, you pick two for others. “Flower it forw…

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All of the Above

On one of the rare weekends this summer we weren’t camping, my husband and I attended our church’s outdoor service. We sat beneath an umbrella on a beautiful morning, the sky broad above us. Our friend, Niesje was leading worship. Before beginning…

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Brief Beauty

So brief, these.So long from seed to blossom—then so quick to drop their petals.But worth the pink while.

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Of literature & Landscaping

 I am being lazy on the literary front by not writing something fresh for this post, but all my spring creativity has been going toward landscaping!So for this month, I’ll just say: I am delighted to have won an Oregon Book Award for my poetry col…

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The Poet Wonders

Nationally, it has been poetry month, but personally, it has been gardening month (with plenty of gravel schlepping!). In the realm of poetry, my collection Hope of Stones was nominated as a finalist for the Oregon Book Awards. I wait to hear…

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The Personality of Process: On the Enneagram, the house we built, and marriage

The house foundations last AugustBlobs, spots, specks, smudges, cracks, defects, mistakes, accidents, exceptions, and irregularities are the windows to other worlds.—Bob Miller Part One: In Which I Vent About the Enneagram (Though I Love It, Too)&…

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The Gasket of Grace

To celebrate this month that celebrates relationships, I decided to write about gaskets. I don’t think I really knew what a gasket was until we had three needing to be replaced. First to go was my husband’s kayak drysuit neck gasket (which I …

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