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Water for Body, Water for Soul

At the end of summer, a simple gift of water. Blessings of refreshment to you! 

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Thinking of Trees

 As I finish compiling a collection of poems, I’ve had to let many things go, including some grand quotes about trees. Since I can’t squeeze all of these beautiful bits into the book, I thought I’d share some here:    The one who’s …

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From Seed to Sky

When we built this house, I sprinkled a packet of wildflower seeds beneath the front patio. The first spring, mostly zinnias grew up. Last year, mostly poppies. This year, all Brown-Eyed Susans and some wild green thing that went to seed and grew talle…

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Sky Me

On finding an old photo of alpenglowO clouds—such brief beauty—you sky mewith your glory. 

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Ode to my Denim Shirt

Ode to my Denim Shirt         Thirty-three years, you held up—while my arms held high-school books,tropical shells, college art supplies,graduate thesis poems, Europeantrain tickets, shovels and rakes, my first love and my…

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Laughing Earth

Letting Emerson (and the daffodils) say it best: “The earth laughs in flowers.” 

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What a thing is spring

In this season of greening—of already-but-not-yetness,of muddy possibility,of rainy enrichment,of hungry wild onesof pale tame ones—I marvel at what comes upseeking sun, seeking sky.I give thanks for allendings & beginnings. What a thing is sp…

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Winter Trees, Winter Reads

I have been diving into creative solitude this winter by writing, reading, and watching trees. One of my many book companions was May Sarton’s luminous Journal of a Solitude. Her wisdom on poetry alone astounds me. But so does her more genera…

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The "is" in this

All the swallows sing of sky,& I try to wintry listento the is of thisthe is in this. 

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Solstice Song

Inspired by reading Wintering this Solstice morning…Solstice SongWinter comes, kind & slow—unseen behind the glitter of other gifts.Outside, the trees root deeper.Inside, the fire glows brighter.And further inside, the spirit asks to re…

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