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Pony Precepts: Discovering Lessons to Live and Work By

Right now I’m learning from a 400-pound animal with the brain of a three-year old child, as I train a Shetland pony to pull a cart. Ponies, like horses, are prey animals whose first instinct is to fight or flee, so this can be a daunting and humbling task. My CEO/Executive Director-self has no gravitas […]

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Innovating Locally, Thinking Globally (from Arts Watch)

Earlier today, I had the chance to listen in on a talk by National Endowment for the Arts Local Arts Agencies & Challenge America Director Michael Killoren as he was speaking to a group of Americans for the Arts and NEA interns. As he spoke about his career path and what he’s learned thus far, […]

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It’s All About Your Network

Networking is important, especially to emerging leaders (EL). Climbing the career ladder, creating new partnerships, and even social events can all be enhanced by who you know. A combination of knowing who to connect with and how to approach them will transform an ordinary contacts list into the much-revered Golden Rolodex. I’ve just made a […]

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Arts Integration Isn’t Enough

Integration across academic disciplines can strengthen a child’s learning. When teachers reinforce content through a variety of approaches it helps children retain information and fully appreciate academic concepts. However, one academic discipline cannot fully convey the fundamentals of another. For instance, a History teacher cannot expect to effectively relate the scientific processes of an electrical […]

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Perserverance and Imagination

Perseverance and imagination. These are two words that successfully describe what rural and small arts organizations continually do. I was once again reminded of this first-hand as I listened to the rural and small arts organization peer group discussion at our Annual Convention in San Diego last week. It’s been a few years since Americans […]

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What About Those Who Simply Don’t Know What They Don’t Know?

I like structure. It helps me think clearly, feel organized and productive about my day, and create balance in my life. Then I entered the field of arts management: a sector that by it’s very nature and design is possibly one of the most unstructured career paths you could enter into. Yesterday, I co-facilitated the […]

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Convention = Learning + Colleague Inspiration

This is my 13th Americans for the Arts Annual Convention—that’s if you count me crashing the closing reception at the World of Coca Cola Museum in Atlanta in 1999 even though I wasn’t a registered attendee. (That took effort, so I count it). I spent some time yesterday thinking about what Convention offers me and […]

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