The Bliss of Is

Last year, I finished up a Very Big Project that won’t get out into the world for a while, so I decided to create a little passion project for fun…. And now I am delighted to announce my first hardback book: The Bliss of Is. Inside this …

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Of Green Fuses and Flowers

 The force that through the green fuse drives the flower…                —Dylan Thomas The first month of the year makes for great hibernation—for hunkering down into the soil of the…

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Questions for Advent

 Each day of Advent, I created a little bit of art + word + spirit and shared them in social media land. Here are a few for you. May your coming year be filled with good answers!Can we see the lovingkindness in the darkness? Can we be the lov…

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Three Poems

This photo by Sergey N. is paired with my poem, “On Meeting Strangers.” In the manner of lovely, inexplicable things, three of my poems appeared this month in three lovely places. A month of gratitude, for sure. Enjoy!  “The Light Inside…

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Coming soon…

 …a little bit of poetry-painting bliss. For now, an illustration from the book-ish mystery!

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Water for Body, Water for Soul

At the end of summer, a simple gift of water. Blessings of refreshment to you! 

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Thinking of Trees

 As I finish compiling a collection of poems, I’ve had to let many things go, including some grand quotes about trees. Since I can’t squeeze all of these beautiful bits into the book, I thought I’d share some here:   The one who’s lying …

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From Seed to Sky

When we built this house, I sprinkled a packet of wildflower seeds beneath the front patio. The first spring, mostly zinnias grew up. Last year, mostly poppies. This year, all Brown-Eyed Susans and some wild green thing that went to seed and grew talle…

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Sky Me

On finding an old photo of alpenglowO clouds—such brief beauty—you sky mewith your glory. 

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Ode to my Denim Shirt

Ode to my Denim Shirt         Thirty-three years, you held up—while my arms held high-school books,tropical shells, college art supplies,graduate thesis poems, Europeantrain tickets, shovels and rakes, my first love and my…

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