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Number Nine

And, just for today, magical Number Nine!  I’m reminded of the Beatles White Album, Number Nine…number nine…number nine…etc (“Revolution Nine”).  I just reminded myself that they had a song called “Piggies” on the “White Album” as well!  Fun. Just like the previous drawing, this pig is created from memory and imagination.  Enjoy!  

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Pig Study #8

    Continuing on with the pig studies, here’s a typical “Peggy” drawing done from memory and imagination.  My pig model was not in the same room when I was drawing.   If you’d like, I invite you to compare this pig with one of the earlier drawings using a model.  I inserted pig study #1 […]

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Pig #7

  This completes a week of posting studies of a pig.  Even though the views are similar, I learn from each drawing.  This study is the most fore-shortened view that I drew.  I had to rely on measuring to make sure the proportions were correct.  My eye wanted to trick me.   I did several […]

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Pig Study x2

  I continue to study drawing a pig.  I am reminded that the family of a friend of mine used to raise pigs.  She was from Sweden and they had about 500 pigs.  I visited her at her farm and was impressed.  That was a few years ago (over 30).  

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Daily Pig

  At least for this week, I’m posting a pig a day.  I think of it as sort of a “pigs on parade”.  I wouldn’t want to go too hog wild, but this is fun drawing pigs! I drew this particular pig on greeting card stock with my favorite ball point pen. Enjoy!

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Pigs 3 & 4

    Here are two more simple studies of a pig.  My intent is to do several drawings from my model, and then will do drawings from memory.  It’s all about learning an approach to drawing and visual expression.  Notice, I’m paying attention to light and dark patterns.

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Parading Pig Drawings

  In his book “Express Yourself in Drawing”, artist Gerhard Gollwitzer suggests the following course of study:  draw from life; draw from imagination or impressions; draw cubistic forms from clay models; study skeletons and muscles; and, finally, draw the details.   This week, I’ll being “parading” my pig drawings on this blog.  I’m working on […]

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