Are Your Non-Toxic Art Supplies Really Toxin-Free?

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Have you ever tried to investigate the ingredients in your favorite conventional art supplies?

Chances are, you had a hard time figuring out what was in them, just like artist and Natural Earth Paint team member Kate Gregory.

“This year, I found out I had six different severe contact allergies, and my doctor told me that I had to re-assess everything that touched my skin on a daily basis—and I mean EVERYTHING. While going through my makeup, soaps, nail polishes, and more, I realized I hadn’t checked my art supplies. So, I contacted the company that makes the conventional gouache I had lying around from my university days, assuming they’d be able to provide the information I needed. I received this response:

‘Thank you for reaching out to us. Although we are unable to provide the EN-71 or Material Safety Data Sheet for the requested item, rest

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The Art Inspector: Saving the Earth by Changing Art

The Art Inspector

Architecture has adopted LEED Performance design into standard practice, and Industrial Design begins with thinking about the end of life of a product and how to leave the least amount of impact on the environment. Both of these industries fought for decades, since the 1970s, against changing habits, systems and academic content. Resistors during the transformation proclaimed they would all go out of business; it was impossible to get all stakeholders on board; and they didn’t want to be creatively strangled. This shared history of transforming creative industry leads us to a problem we are facing within the Art world. Can artists change the way they create work to make a healthier planet? Personally, I believe so…

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eARTh Day News from Leah Mebane!

Earth Day Painted Hands

eARTh day 2013 news from Leah Mebane

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Happy Earth Day from Leah Mebane's Earth Art!

Earth Day Painted Hands

In Gratitude on April 22nd I would like to express deep gratitude for our Mother Earth. Not only for giving us life and nourishment and blue whales (as if that weren’t enough) but also for providing us with beautiful ready made paint for over 100,000 years.

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