SOAR Welcomes Kj Cumberbatch!

Revolution II, acrylic painting of a wave by Kj Cumberbatch

Revolution II, by Kj Cumberbatch

The Southern Oregon Artists Resource is excited to introduce artist Kj Cumberbatch of Medford to the Visual Artists directory!

Kj Cumberbatch

Born in 1975, Kj Cumberbatch has been painting for over 25 years, selling many paintings and commissions in the process. However, Cumberbatch’s current exhibition of large acrylic paintings at GoodBean Coffee in Jacksonville is the first public display of his art. Subjects in his current works center around animals and the natural world. Each painting is very impressive both in style and size…the smallest is 36″ x 36″. While we love them all, our favorite is the (roughly) 79″ x 46″ [R]evolution II, painted in 2016-2017. These large-format works are perfect for hanging in large spaces, whether a home, business or nonprofit, or public space. If you’re in the market for such works, catch his show before it ends on February 28,

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SOAR Welcomes Lori Garfield, Animal Artist

SOAR Welcomes Lori Garfield: image of 'Leap Frog,' an oil painting of a frog in mid-leap, by animal artist Lori Garfield

The Southern Oregon Artists Resource is delighted to welcome Medford artist Lori Garfield to our Visual Artists directory! You can find Lori’s listing with contact information and links to her website and social media sites HERE.

About Lori Garfield

Leap Frog, 12″ x 9″ Original Oil Painting by artist Lori Garfield, Medford Oregon

Lori Garfield is an emerging realist oil painter largely focused on animals. Painting exclusively in oils, her portrayals of both wild and domestic animals reveals a deep empathy for all life and an innate understanding of their anatomy and personality. Garfield sees and feels the world around her more acutely than many, bringing an awareness of the oneness of the heartbeats on our planet. “I limit my focus to North American animals and plants. Perhaps when I create a familiar critter you’ll be reminded of actions that may impact them.” Garfield donates a portion of

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