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Reception on Feb. 5 for the member’s show at Mill Art Center in Honeoye Falls. My friends Jean and Bill Stephens and many others will be exhibiting work. It’s another great place to find interesting work from regional artists. The post Blu…

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Joshua Huyser

Another wonderful painting by Joshua Huyser, from Instagram.

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Mika Salamon

I’m fascinated by painters associated with the Jerusalem Studio School who are taking perceptual painting in a lush, sensuous direction, with a luxuriant sense of color. I’m loving what they do with limited but rich palettes. Salamon’s work takes that esthetic to an extreme simplicity.

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Viridian’s juried show

Before I get to my impressions of the juried show currently on view at Viridian Artists, allow me a digression about the location depicted above in one of the exhibition’s paintings. On a visit to Fiji, my son reported back to me that he found there the poorest and happiest people he’d ever met. I […]

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No ideas but in perceptions

The only work of art criticism I return to with relish and as a way of relearning what I already think I understand is In Search of Lost Time. Marcel Proust’s insights into how music, painting and fiction all are grounded in perception, rather than discursive thought, distinguish him from most people who have written […]

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New candy jar

I took a break from taffy in December. It was enjoyable to return to the candy jars, and it’s been long enough that I felt the contrast in doing one of these, a distinctly different flow from the process for painting salt water taffy. The taffy presents a complex topography, a lot of wrinkles, crimps, […]

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Dushka Vujovic

This is an unusually lyrical photograph for Dushka Vujovik, whose typical subjects are abstract geometric color compositions created by simply cropping what she sees in her urban environment in Toronto, just a few miles north of us down here on the bottom of Lake Ontario. When she wants to be, as a photographic coloriest, she […]

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Mitchell Johnson

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Larkin on Betjeman

I came across this opening to one of Philip Larkin’s essays at random when I spotted the collection on a shelf. He’s admiring John Betjeman for the limpid quality of his poems, their immediacy and accessibility, like the polymath conversational style of early W.H. Auden and James Merrill in The Changing Light at Sandover, a […]

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From the Old Jordanville Prayer Book: Rejoice, height inaccessible to human thought. Rejoice, dawn of the mystic day. Rejoice, rock that refreshes those thirsting for life. Rejoice, door of solemn mystery. Rejoice, thou who shows philosophers to be fools. Rejoice, thou who exposes the learned as irrational. Rejoice, ray of the noetic Sun. Rejoice, […]

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