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Motivation – What Gets Me Going & Keeps Me Going

Motivation – That Which Keeps Me Working. Hi!  I have been wondering how personal motivation contributes to overcoming artist block.   Put another way, I would like to examine what motivates me and keeps me plugging away at my art.  By looking at what motivates me, both positive and not so positive, I might learn something about making art […]

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Staying Motivated ~ Creatively

One of the differences between being an ordinary artist and an extraordinary one is that an extraordinary artist has the ability to stay motivated and passionate. In fact, the most important attribute that helps a person become a successful artist is not whether they have talent, but whether they can stay with it and sustain their motivation to paint. Creating art is not easy. It requires constant focus, a huge amount of discipline. and a strong ego to weather feelings of rejection, anger, frustration, discouragement, and occasional self-loathing. As an artist, your goal is to produce quality art consistently and…

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Inspiring Your Inner Artist

Quick – raise your hand if you got into your job in the arts for the money. That’s what I thought. Now raise your hand if you spend a majority of your work day worrying about and dealing with your budget, stressing over where the cash to fund the next big project is going to […]

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