Set Sail

Happy New Year! Its takes me about a week (right on schedule here at January 7th….) to fully own and embrace the new year. A couple of days chocolate/carb/Christmas decoration hangover, a few days of nutrition/exercise/green juice guilt, a day of false starts in back to work mode and eventually a cheerful mosey into my […]

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Happy Thanksgiving Week

Hello from my second lockdown to yours! It’s Thanksgiving week and it looks and feels a lot different than previous years. But you know what? There’s still pie. And there will be turkey and stuffing and it will be a very small quiet day but it’s a year of lowered (lowest?) expectations. I’m not traveling. […]

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Bain de Soleil

I’ve just sent of a new batch of The Classics to Watson Kennedy in Seattle. I posted this funny memory lane image and the response was swift and resounding–apparently anyone who grew up in the 70’s or 80’s all have the same fond memories of this orange gel that was very fancy at the time. […]

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En Plein Air

Do you paint en plein air? I have done it once at a festival, wrote about it my book and have thought about it ever since. Which to me is a sign, I probably want to go back to it. En plein air painting means to paint outside. The concept is that you paint what […]

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Tennis Sweater

When I was in high school, I used to borrow-steal this beloved vintage tennis (cricket?) sweater from my dad’s closet. It was and remains the perfect sweater. It’s both nostalgic and classic, a perfect memory set to the soundtrack of Footloose, Breakfast Club, Flashdance and Pretty in Pink. My paintings are nostalgic. And sometimes funny […]

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Beach Day

Well, not sure where you are, but where I am, it is most definitely NOT a beach day! Where I live in Ashland, OR we get summer weather: big storms, thunder, lightning, the actual bolts like Zeus is throwing a javelin, extreme heat and some nice frosty days with hail thrown in for good measure. […]

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I’m in the mosaic zone! Collage, mosaic, patchwork, creative anthems, painted stories, whatever they’re called, I’m IN. I want to write about these came about for a couple of reasons. The primary being, in creativity, nothing is lost. Things you do or create now that seem like nothing or not satisfying, will most likely pop […]

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Ashland Apartment for Rent

Our unit, downstairs apartment in Ashland is for rent. I’m advertising on CraigsList but word of mouth is always the best so you just never know…you might know someone who knows someone. The one-bedroom unit is reasonable rent, clean, new, all that good stuff. Our last person was here for 4 years! It’s a lovely space.

See pictures on the CraigsList page:

Full Sail Ahead

It appears that the world is reopening, cautiously or with abandon, depending on where you live. My little town of Ashland, Oregon is in the slow lane and we’ve been given word that retail shops, salons, personal services can begin opening, or i should say, begin the application to open May 15th. The vibe is […]

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“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Aesop Even though times are wrought with anxiety, sadness, worry and fear, there is profound kindness happening all around us. I see it or hear about it every day. It’s the tiny to the huge. The big tip the stranger leaves for the restaurant […]

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