KRIS Wine ‘Art of Education’ Contest Winners Unveiled

As you saw in a previous ARTSblog post, Brunswick Acres Elementary School in Kendall Park, NJ was very dedicated to winning the third annual “Art of Education” contest sponsored by KRIS Wine and Americans for the Arts. Not only did this video help them jump out to an early lead, but it helped them score […]

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Is Creativity THE 21st Century Skill?

YES is the answer to this question judging from the enthusiastic audience response on October 10 to Imagination Stage’s Creative Conversation on the topic. One hundred and forty parents, educators, and other stakeholders attended a panel discussion, moderated by Doug Herbert of the U.S. Dept. of Education’s Office of Innovation & Improvement, and then enjoyed […]

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Art Talk with Daniel Phoenix Singh of Dakshina

July 24, 2012 Dakshina founder Daniel Phoenix Singh with Melissa Greco Liu in “Sonnet.” Photo by Stephen Barnovics, courtesy of Dakshina “[A]rt is the nexus where all the different aspects of my life—as a gay man, a South Asian, a first-generation immigrant, a person of color, a little bit of a tech nerd, and now […]

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Art (and Science) Talk with Greg Mort

June 20, 2012 Text by Paulette Beete with all images courtesy of Greg Mort “I think, ultimately, science and art ask the same question. They both seek a kind of beauty.” —Greg Mort For painter Greg Mort, his art is grounded in the stars. His watercolors and oils reflect not just a deep fascination with […]

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Culture and the Arts: Natural Partners in Maryland’s Prosperity

June 12, 2012 by Christian Johansson, Maryland Secretary of Business and Economic Development   The Arts & Entertainment District Program of the Maryland State Arts Council utilizes the arts to spur revitalization in communities across the state. Twenty specially designated districts that are home to a concentration of arts businesses and events help strengthen communities […]

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2011 Retreat ~ Friday Booking & Farewells

While state legislative sessions are just getting underway in the new year, perpetual campaigning for the election is no doubt leaving everyone already feeling cranky and cynical (or is that just me?). But take heart, advocates! Despite the cornucopia of GOP candidate positions on public arts funding—ranging anywhere from mild tolerance to total abhorrence—President Obama […]

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Can’t Stop Creative Conversations

As we enter the third week of National Arts and Humanities Month, I would just like to thank all the local community leaders who have participated in our Creative Conversations! Already, Creative Conversations have sparked local dialogue that is helping to unify groups of individuals engaged in arts and culture. These events help spur advocacy […]

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Folk Music and Community

September 19, 2011 by Glenn Moomau Glenn Moomau. Photo by Sam Holden When I heard that self-described “guitar man” Warner Williams was to be included in this year’s class of the NEA’s National Heritage Fellows, I called my best friend down in Montgomery County, Maryland, to ask after the now eighty-year-old musician. My buddy reported […]

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Art Talk with Linda Pastan

September 14, 2011 by Paulette Beete Linda Pastan. Photo by Oliver Pastan In her poem “Traveling Light” award-winning poet Linda Pastan writes, “our lives have minds/of their own.” And it is these minds that Pastan illuminates in her deceptively quiet poems in which we are revealed by what we take notice of, by which objects […]

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