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Sculpting Polymer Clay Buddhas #1

In typical DIY style, I took up the challenge of building my own Buddha for the Tibetan Shrine to the Divine. Ah, well, more of a dare, really.It was my girlfriend, Eunice.She said, “You’re going to make it yourself, right?”I laughed. “No, no,” I said….

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Tibetan Temple #5

Even though I did not complete this Buddha head out of Basswood, I am posting the idea to show the sacred geometry of drawing  a Tibetan Buddha.Just the geometry itself is beautiful to me. These images are posted all over my studio. They calm my s…

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Tibetan Temple #4

Each of the Shrines to the Divine has a 12 x 12 inch footprint, for uniformity and to fit on shelves for display. The Zendo on the left is the first true completed shrine. By the time I built it, I had made several single walled messes before I figured…

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Tibetan Temple #3

I rediscovered polymer clay after a 20 year hiatus. Back in the early 90s, I made beads and pins and jewelry items.This time around, I had in mind the tiny lumberyard and all my little itty bitty constructions. For the Zendo, I formed a little platter,…

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Tibetan Temple #2

From The Once and Future King by TH White:“It is God who keeps the price secret, Uther. Not I.”“God? God? What god? I have heard you speak of so many gods. If you mean Mithras…”Says Merlin, “Mithras. Apollo. Arthur. Christ. Call him what you will. W…

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Tibetan Temple #1

When I begin a project, I often have no idea where it will take me, creatively. I do know that I will learn something new, develop a latent skill, or just be amazed.As part of my Shrines to the Divine project, the Tibetan Temple (working title – I don’…

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Lucky Valley Press author, Judy Tatelbaum

Recently a  friend came to visit. After she left. I sent her a copy of Inspiration for Living. Here is a quote from her thank you note:”Dear friend of 5o+ years!”What a lovely surprise to receive your thoughtful (and beautifully printed) gift of J…

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Publishing Today

Publishing Today - Free event with Ginna and David Gordon of Lucky Valley Press at Art Presence Art Center

Ginna and David Gordon FREE presentation: Publishing Today, a conversation about indie publishing, from 5–6 pm on Fri, Jan 4 at Art Presence

The post Publishing Today appeared first on Art Presence Art Center.

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Christmas 2018 Gingrbread Cookies

 Granddaughter, Taylor rolls out the cookie dough,using 1/8 inch guide sticks on either side.Sienna made the vibrant colored icing. Devon knitted. Chips of the old block.The decorating begins.

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Pam & Joe’s Afghan, Complete

 Making this afghan for my faerie godchildren, Pam & Joe, has been a joy, not to mention the biggest knitting project of my life – on the right.(Just as an aside, I also just finished the smallest knitting project ever, tiny slides (above left…

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