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Call of the Trail

Up on Mount Ashland this summer, I painted these beautiful Doug Firs standing like sentinels of the Pacific Crest Trail. Every summer, hundreds answer the call to hike the trail from Mexico to Canada, or at least some portion of it. Even if you can’t go this year, hang this painting in your entryway so […]

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Backyard Splendor

Sometimes nature’s most awe-inspiring sights are those we find when we open our door and look out. Something about the proximity of nature to where we live makes it all the more powerful. As a plein air painter, having access to open landscape is a necessity, and I’ve been lucky to experience it in the […]

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Summer’s Refuge

On a summer camping trip, I found a quiet place to paint and take in the glory of the late afternoon. At this remote lake in the volcanic Southern Oregon landscape, osprey and eagles spread their wings while fish find safety in the cooler waters far from anglers’ hooks. 8″ x 10″ Oil on Canvas […]

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Summer Vines

I also painted this at Paschals Winery during the annual Southern Oregon Plein Air Competition.  I love how the haziness in the summer air created a cool green-blue that contrasted nicely with the vibrant golds of the hills in the foreground.  SOLD

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Willow Meets Pond

At the annual Southern Oregon Plein Air Painting Competition, it’s tempting to wander out among the vineyards and paint the golden hills. I chose a close-in perspective of this beautiful pond. It fills me with a sense of peace every time I see it. SOLD

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On The Dunes

Of my recent work, this painting stands out to me because of its otherworldly nature. The sweeping winds of the Oregon Dunes create a fascinating landscape sand, hardy plant life, and changing light. This painting flew from my online store like a sudden breeze! SOLD

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Even More Marvelous Moons

I tend to paint the moon more often in the winter. The full moon is just so luminous and bright in a dark and cold time of year, it’s impossible for my artistic eye to resist. This series continues to be a popular one for me. I like to think that in these troubled times of […]

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Hike and Learn – Cloud Sketching

Free slide talk and hike! Learn to identify clouds and get tips on how to and practice sketching them! Clouds are fascinating and learning more about them will open up a whole new world to you. Slide Talk Friday May 26, 2017, 6:00 – 7:00 pm Guanajuato Room, Ashland Library Hike and Sketch Saturday May 27, […]

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Neighbor’s Tree

My Neighbor’s Tree just keep giving and giving. It’s suuuuper convenient to paint it because I can just walk out to my front driveway and if it’s too cold, rainy or SNOWY(!?), I can paint while looking out the studio window. Filed…

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McVay Beach with Storm Coming

Plein Air Landscape painted at the Oregon Coast last weekend.  It was lovely to be at the ocean.Filed under: Landscape, Paintings

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