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Winter Trees, Winter Reads

I have been diving into creative solitude this winter by writing, reading, and watching trees. One of my many book companions was May Sarton’s luminous Journal of a Solitude. Her wisdom on poetry alone astounds me. But so does her more genera…

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The "is" in this

All the swallows sing of sky,& I try to wintry listento the is of thisthe is in this. 

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Solstice Song

Inspired by reading Wintering this Solstice morning…Solstice SongWinter comes, kind & slow—unseen behind the glitter of other gifts.Outside, the trees root deeper.Inside, the fire glows brighter.And further inside, the spirit asks to re…

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The Long Game of Joy

I am delighted to announce the release of my new book on the first year of marriage!The Long Game of Joy is the book I wish I could have read before I said “I do.” It’s a blend of memoir, manual, and meditation; interwoven with…

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Book Brinking

It’s almost that time…publication time! My newest book has a November due date, and as I wrap up all the pre-pub stuff, I remember all of the resources that helped me write my own. This photo shows a fraction of the (way-too-many!) books I read …

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How to heal the world…

Give thanksTake joy

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An August Nod to Machado

Some Antonio Machado magic for these dog days of summer:And the golden beeswere making white combsand sweet honeyfrom my old failures.From his poem, “Last Night As I Lay Sleeping,” translated by Robert Bly

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Blooming Through

O the courage of yarrow, impossibly blooming through abandoned asphalt. Yarrow—meaning healing & love, meaning even the thickest lid above the wild seed of our hopecannot contain tenacious life.      

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Quinceañeras & Everyday Unicorns

Fifteen summer solstices ago—give or take a matter of hours—I wrote my first blog post here on Wordbody. There have been many books and paintings since then. Many things lost and a few things won. I’ve shared most all of them here. Some posts are …

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Speck-Sized Faith

O sweet seed—you small not yet,smaller already.The final flower waitsin speck-sized faith.Come forth—unfurl the gentle petalsof patience.

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