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Casper Nights

Wyoming is a great place for artists to travel and let the landscape capture the imagination. Under the immense moonlit sky at night, are these towering rocks the ruins of ancient cities? Or just tiny anthills? When perspective shifts, the mind expands, and this work is just one of the results. Price: $175 Media: Oil […]

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The Path Less Traveled

The Path Less Traveled Original Oil Painting by Stefan Baumann 40×30 Oil on Oil Primed Linen Canvas Stretched on Wood Bars Signed Lower Right – Baumann Artist’s Comments Journal: May 13, 2008 This is day two of my journey into the Cascade Mountains near Mt. Hood, Oregon. I camped near the edge of a river that leads down to the Columbia River. I took a crooked wooden walking staff and my trusty compass, and set out into the wilderness following a trail that was made by passing dear foraging the forest. I made my way through the wild berry bushes,…

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Arts Education Provides ‘Survival Skills’ Businesses Need

In Tony Wagner’s book The Global Achievement Gap, he writes that “the Global Achievement Gap is the gap between what our best schools are teaching and testing versus the skills that all students will need for careers, college, and citizenship in the 21st century.” Wagner based this book on extensive interviews not with educators, but with […]

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Painting from Life, by Stefan Baumann

Strawberry House, Mt Shasta, painting by Stefan Baumann

I painted this painting of the Strawberry Valley Inn on location on a warm winter afternoon in March. This inn, located in the heart of Mt. Shasta, is a perfect example of one of the treasured landmarks in the community. These historic stone houses were built around 1900 and they are located throughout the city of Mt. Shasta. I love their charm, the remembrance of earlier days, and that each house is beautifully unique.

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Cool Art Therapy Intervention #3: It’s All About the Metaphor

Draw a person in the rain. Make a picture of a bird’s nest. Use clay to create an image of yourself as an animal. Or just paint whatever you’d like. Now talk about it with your therapist. It’s all about the metaphor. Primary Topic:  …

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Cool Art Therapy Intervention #8: Mask Making

Masks are worn for performance, entertainment, disguise, concealment, or protection. They have been around since ancient times and have been used in ceremony, storytelling, and dramatic enactment. Making a mask invites you to explore the persona you re…

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