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For great posts about the business of art, check out The Artsy Shark HERE! reviews competitions and appeals seeking creative content, listing those that respect your copyrights and highlighting those that don't. Art Matters! publishes calls to artists, and not all of them may be compliant with ABoR's standards. Visit their site to learn more.
We support the Embedded Metadata Manifesto.  Metadata is information such as copyright notice and contact info you can embed in your images to protect your intellectual property, save time when uploading to social sites and promote your art. Click to visit the site and learn more.

Assessing the Impact of Artistic Activism

Based on nearly a decade of interviews with nearly sixty artistic activists, and a thorough review of the critical and organizational literature, the C4AA is proud to present our extensive report on Assessing the Impact of Artistic Activism. Download pdf Summary: Assessing the Impact of Artistic (Summary) Download pdf Full Version: Assessing the Impact of Artistic […]

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Lessons from Utopia

Adapted from the C4AA’s upcoming book, this is an article by Co-Directors Duncombe and Lambert about how Artistic Activists can use the idea and ideal of Utopia. You can get it here.

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Wafaa Bilal

To me, there is no such a thing as a black and white. There is always, has to be, room for dialogue. Because I believe the truth doesn’t exist. The truth is very subjective and it depends on what angle you’re looking at it. So if that’s the case, how can we present something that […]

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Why Artistic Activism?

Sometimes we’re asked, “What’s this artistic activism thing all about?” and “What’s the difference between artistic activism and regular activism?” and “Is this something you guys made up?” So, here’s a primer on Artistic Activism, and 9 reasons why we’re so into it.  You can also download the printable version of this booklet. 1 Artistic Activism […]

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New Training!

We have three trainings coming up in the next two weeks, which means three opportunities to up your creative activism game. Register quick, as this is a rare opportunity! Putting Your Skills To Work With For Social Change Steve Lambert and Patricia Jerido are doing a special online webinar with Creative Capital to give artists practical […]

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How To Win #15: Make The News

We’ve all been there: you’ve done a brilliant, funny, creative action but no one except some passersby and a handful of your Facebook friends have any idea it happened. Or maybe worse yet, you get some press coverage but the journalist completely missed the point. Well, we’re here to help. In this webinar, Steve Lambert […]

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What Would Jesus Do? (as a Creative Activist)

By C4AA Co-Founder Stephen Duncombe My proselytizing here is of a political rather than religious nature. It isn’t the divine figure of Christ I am interested in but the purely historical Jesus, a radical Mediterranean Jewish peasant building a revolutionary movement two millennia ago. Jesus of Nazareth was an activist, and, judging by the two-thousand […]

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Beatrice Glow

It’s a long wave. I think of everything as being interdependent or part of an ecosystem, philosophically and biologically. There are urgent moments of crisis where the waves are crashing on the land, which are the moments that activists quickly rise to. But then there’s the long waves, behind them, that are holding a space. […]

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Protest Sign

Leading up to the Women’s March(es) on January 21, 2017, C4AA Co-Director Stephen Duncombe was asked to write about a “political object” for the web journal HiLoBrow.  He chose to write about a protest sign he had made and carried at an earlier march. You can read it here.

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Can Art Save Us from Bullshit? The Practice of Making Political Art that Works

In November of 2016, C4AA Co-Director Stephen Duncombe and School for Creative Activism alumnus Silas Harrebye were invited to Oslo Norway to do a presentation (with local actors!) at the National Theatre as part of the Public Calling conference. They later wrote up a version of this performance, sans actors, for Public Seminar, the web […]

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