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The Horse As Subject; Day 9 #30paintingsin30days. Its Always Fun!

The horse is one of my most consistent, long term subjects.  And, here I am, drawing horses again! Day #9 = Horse Study. Greetings! It is indeed Day Nine of the #30paintingsin30days hosted by Leslie Seata Fine Art.  Today’s piece is another in a long line of drawings and paintings featuring a horse as subject. […]

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Drawing Ponies

Drawing My creative process begins with drawing.  Because it is how I develop ideas, I feel that it is important for me to draw often.  I work at it daily, though I don’t always complete a drawing. One of my most enjoyable types of drawings are these “simple” works done with watercolor and graphite.  These […]

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23 of 37 in 37, Working on “Muscle Memory”

  Recently I’ve been reading online about John Singer Sargent’s work habits.  I learned that he did a large number of drawings and watercolor studies before he painted his major works.  As I stand here in front of my watercolor studies and drawings, I’m reminded that even the great artists put many miles of painting […]

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If One is Good, Two Must Be Better (Horses) …Or?

After my success with the appaloosa (see previous post), I thought I would try two horses, up the complexity.  I succeeded in making a more difficult composition.  At the end of the 37 minutes, I thought I ought to be making more drawings of horses.   I did another study of my appaloosa model; fortunately […]

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A Horse of Course

I thought I’d switch subjects and work on 37 minute paintings of my horse models.  I use Breyer Reeves horses as my models.  They are small, which works better than I would think.  I don’t see as much detail as my mind wants.  I try to focus on the form of the horse as indicated […]

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Pony Precepts: Discovering Lessons to Live and Work By

Right now I’m learning from a 400-pound animal with the brain of a three-year old child, as I train a Shetland pony to pull a cart. Ponies, like horses, are prey animals whose first instinct is to fight or flee, so this can be a daunting and humbling task. My CEO/Executive Director-self has no gravitas […]

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