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Head over Heels with Hills

There’s something playful about the rolling hills of Southern Oregon and Northern California. Like someone came along and scrunched up the landscape. It makes me want to lie in the grass and roll all the way down. But rocks and burrs – no thanks! I let my brush play on the canvas and spare myself […]

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Summer Vines

I also painted this at Paschals Winery during the annual Southern Oregon Plein Air Competition. I love how the haziness in the summer air created a cool green-blue that contrasted nicely with the vibrant golds of the hills in the foreground. SOLD

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Ashland Paint Out: A Celebration of Arts and Parks

It’s wonderful to be back in Ashland among our thriving artistic community! On Saturday, I participated in Ashland Paint Out, a plein-air-painting competition (though it was all very convivial) that sent local artists out into North Mountain and Lithia parks. Our mission was to capture the landscape, colors and visions of these world-class parks and […]

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Hill’s Song

Impressionist painting is all about light and movement. The hills around Ashland, Oregon have their own special relationship with light, and they move with it from dawn to dusk. Colors come and go, shapes form and dissipate with the clouds. Although the paint on the canvas seems to be still, your eyes will catch the dance […]

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And the Rocks Remain

Nothing lasts forever, but rocks come pretty close. As humans it is our instinct to turn to nature when we need some perspective of our place on this earth and in the grand scheme of time. When you can’t go on a hike or camping trip, a plein air landscape painting on your wall can provide […]

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After my Southwestern hiatus, I am back in Oregon with a new approach to my work. I’ve realized that thin oil paintings, no matter how lovely they are, leave me cold. Sculpting with paint is what has always attracted me to oils. By using a palette knife, I can create textures that capture the richness […]

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At Home with Art

One of the benefits of being an artist is that there’s never a lack of art to decorate with! A landscape painting on the wall is the best therapy for those of us who feel more at home in nature than indoors. I’ve also found that a still life can calm and inspire, and a […]

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My Southwestern Sabbatical

I’ve temporarily relocated to Taos, New Mexico, primarily to plein air paint somewhere new and different.

It’s a big change for me. I’ve spent all of my life on the west coast and the past seven years in Oregon, and I love those places so much I thought I’d never leave.

But recent visits to […]

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Dry Lake

At Emigrant Lake near Ashland, Oregon, the low water level has created a surreal landscape this winter. Algae color the sides of the basin, while the variations in vegetation on the surrounding hillsides attest to the microclimates that make this region unique. Using the pallet knife, I was able to capture the bold contrasts and […]

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Warm Winter Walk

Mild temperatures this winter have allowed me to roam the hills with my paints, canvas, and Becky, my faithful four-legged sidekick. A rare opportunity – the cold of winter is out of the comfort zone of most plein air painters – and a rare painting of the unique forms and colors the season brings forth. […]

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