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Saturday Fireside Chat -The Best Advice Your Will Ever Get to Improve Your Paintings

stefan baumann saturday fireside chats - image of artists istting around a campfire at the grand view ranch, mt shasta, california

The Very Best Advice You Will Ever Get To Improve Your Painting

We have just finished fencing our pasture so that our horses can run free and now we are ready to begin building our barn before the winter sets in. My next Plein Air Workshop takes place on October 20-21-22, just a few weeks away. We are excited to have artists paint at the ranch and enjoy more Campfire Chats about art, love and life with the artists who attend.

Recently, one of my students that I coach asked me a question and I thought it would be a good subject to discuss around the campfire. The question was, “What is your secret of painting great Art?” I thought for a moment, as I loaded another marshmallow onto my stick and held it over the fire, about the words that a prominent painter shared with me so

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8/20/17 Fireside Chat with Stefan Baumann

image of artist stefan baumann

8/20/17 Fireside Chat with Stefan Baumann Developing a Style of Painting While talking about my upcoming workshop in October with a group of students around the campfire after a day of Plein Air painting at The Grand View Ranch, one of the students asked, “How do you find your own style of painting?” Developing a style of painting is not something that you set out to do. It is something that develops over time. Usually, an “artist’s style” begins with you being interested in other artists’ style, brushstrokes and color harmony. Or it may be the subject matter or mood that influences the development of your artistic style, Location has a lot to do with a style. Many artists join groups who share similar interests and they develop a style based on the environment. For example, there is a style of painting that can be found in Pasadena that

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